She’s recently discovered the joy of motherhood, but singer Pink is surely not going soft as she shows off her fierce, rock star personality on the June 2012 cover of Cosmopolitan. The 32 year old singer looks fabulous donning some glam-chic dresses for her Cosmo spread where she also opened up about her love life, her acting debut, marriage, music, pregnancy and more.

Apparently, this is the superstar’s first interview after giving birth to her bundle of joy, daughter Willow, a year ago and the singer says that until now she’s been focused on her baby, but she’s ready to get back to her career as she tells Cosmo that:

“I’ve been in mommy mode, and I’m just starting to get back out there into the real world. I’ve been in the studio recording my new album, so now it feels like everything is falling back into place.”

She might have quit smoking and diminished her drinking as she’s breastfeeding, but Pink hasn’t gone soft as the singer is preparing to make her debut into acting, starring alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo in the movie ‘Thanks for Sharing’, where she plays the role of a sex addict. Although she admitted she wasn’t all that sure if she could seriously act, she says that she had reality to help her understand her character, so she could play it. She tells Cosmopolitan that:

“The first day, I was standing in front of Gwyneth and was like ‘Hmmm, maybe I’m just a singer. Is it too late to quit?’. Thankfully, I understood my character. It’s not like I was playing the girl next door; she’s a sex addict. I was on lots of drugs as a teenager and had friends die of overdose, so addiction isn’t a foreign concept. I get that.”

Pregnancy is supposed to make women feel fabulous and more feminine, but it seems that Pink didn’t feel all that amazing when she was pregnant as she tells the magazine that:

“I thought I’d feel like a goddess. They sell you on that s*&t…like you’ll never feel more feminine. Really, I just felt like a mess. But I kind of enjoyed that too. Hell, yeah, I gained 55 pounds. I Think my baby may be part cheesecake.”

She’s been in a relationship with motorcycle racer Carey Hart for about a decade now and it seems that although they are busy parents, they try to find time for intimacy. She says:

“We’ve never had a problem with affection. But with a baby? It’s kinda gross, but you have to schedule it. She sleeps in bed with us. We’re just starting to think about putting her somewhere else, at least for a little while. Either that, or we’ll have to resort to getting it on in the laundry room.”

Read Pink’s complete interview and check out her gorgeous spread in the June 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Photos courtesy of Cosmopolitan