PETA taps award winning actress Penelope Cruz for their latest campaign in their well known quest for convincing those in the fashion industry to replace fur with equally stylish alternatives and put a stop on cruelty in process. Widely recognized as a powerful style icon, Penelope has refused to include fur-based pieces in her wardrobe, so she proved to be the ideal choice for joining the organization’s pledge against this widespread practice.

“Penélope Cruz has appeared on every ‘best-dressed’ list in the world, and the one thing you’ll never see her wearing is fur,” stated PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange in a press release, attempting to explain their choice. In a sultry yet ultra classy ad campaign, the actress asks everyone to ‘give fur a cold shoulder’ and save millions of innocent lives in the process. While the organization has turned to racier ads in the past in order to get its point across, this time it manages to deliver this worthwhile message in an equally effective approach.

The campaign comes soon after the Fashion Week presentations for a stronger impact. In helping PETA’s efforts, the star joins an array of A-list celebrities like Olivia Munn, Bethenny Frankel, Kat Von D, Joanna Krupa, Khloe Kardashain and many others. But the 37 year old star isn’t only ditching fur in order to help the animals. She and her husband, Javier Bardem have also rescued stray dogs and cats rather than supporting unethical breeders.

PETA has also posted a petition on their website for raising the awareness on this this stringent problem. The petition states: ‘I pledge to join Penelope Cruz in refusing to support the cruel slaughter of millions of animals, including cats and dogs, for their skin. Like Penelope, I will never wear fur – not as a coat, a collar, or even the tiniest trim. I pledge to expose the truth about fur and spread the word about its cruelty until we end the international fur trade.’

Penelope Cruz Poses for PETA Anti-Fur Campaign

Photo courtesy PETA