Sweet sighs and lots of oohs and aahs could be heard from the very first peek we took at Pamela Love’s wedding photos revealed in VOGUE magazine. Well, they certainly made us dream at a ridiculously fabulous and super-simple wedding in a slightly untypical background. And Love’s special day proves once again that we don’t necessarily need fancy and sophisticated things in order to celebrate true love.

The jewelry designer married illustrator Matthew Nelson in May at Ruschmeyer’s, a 1950s summer camp turned resort in Montauk, Long Island. “I wanted the wedding to be about being in a natural, wild environment — which is kind of what love is,” Love admits. The two said their vows under a birch chuppah covered in traditional Appalachian quilts, a combination of Love’s Jewish and Nelson’s Southern roots. Yes, you can tell a dreamy story going for the cool, simple and less conventional way!

“… And I knew from that moment on you would be a big part of my life, for the rest of it. I never believed that those sorts of things actually happened until it happened to me. You make me believe in fate and true love. Since that first meeting, I have grown to love you more and more every single day. Your talent amazes me, your passion and conviction inspire me, your mind challenges me and you make me laugh every day.” Yes, we sigh again while reading these words. Vows are always emotional indeed but they become memorable when said from the heart using the simplest words possible.

The beautiful bride wore an off-white chiffon dress with a faint mauve print and an open lattice back, created by her friend Mara Hoffman. Love designed some unique jewelry pieces for her wedding such as the amethyst pendant and the silver peacock ring, and matching white gold wedding bands with turquoise inlay. Still, it was her romantic wildflower head wreath drawing our attention! The groom wore a bespoke suit by Billy Reid completed with blue lapis–and–silver cuff links designed by the bride.

Planning every single detail for the big day can cause some serious drama. However, where there’s team work, everything becomes easier. And for Love’s wedding, closer friends had fun contributing to the preparation of every aspect from that delicious-looking cake with one vegan layer for Nelson to the tepee where guests relaxed after dinner hearing guitar. Even the happy couple “spent the day before the ceremony potting flower arrangements in Mason jars that decorated the tables, with help from Fox Fodder Farm, and Love approached the chuppah to a rendition of Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold.'”

“It was perfect, like hippie summer camp,” Love confessed. “We were having a wedding in the country; I wanted to be able to run around barefoot if I wanted to!” Need we say more? Oh, yes! Pamela and Nelson were the last to leave the reception… and they lived happily ever after…

Photos courtesy of VOGUE