The image that Oprah has managed to create over the years is being seriously threatened by the recent events. The famous celebrity biographer Kitty Kelley has recently published an unauthorized biography on the13th of April, which aims to uncover the secrets and inconvenient truths that the celebrity has supposedly managed to keep hidden throughout her career. The biographer uncovers a totally different story from the one we all have become accustomed to believe it was true.

Kitty Keller has released the biography this year after more than four years of intensive studies and after taking about 850 interviews from people who have come in close contact with the Oprah throughout their lives. The results were astonishing. The findings seem to shatter the image that Oprah has managed to create to the core.

The writer herself claims that she was extremely surprised to find out that a seemingly open and uninhibited person could keep so many secrets.

The book portraits a an arrogant diva who is very demanding and accustomed to always get what she wants. Moreover it seems that during her childhood her financial situation was not as tough as she made her fans believe.

In addition to the rumors concerning sexual abuse, part of her family, especially Oprah’s cousin is still in denial when it comes to the sexual abuse that she suffered as a child, claiming the story was fabricated to emotionally manipulate her audience. Kitty Kelley, on the other hand believes that Oprah is telling the truth but she thinks that she might have exaggerated.

A special emphasis is placed on Oprah’ s relationship with her family. Oprah’s mother, Vernita Lee refused to be interviewed as the relationship with her daughter is really tense.

Surprisingly, Kitty Kelley reveals that she found out the real identity of Oprah’s father but she hasn’t published his name due to confidentiality issues.

In response Oprah claims that after the news appeared several men have called who claimed to be her real father, obviously trying to acquire financial benefits from her.

She also seems completely determined to refuse any DNA test. The statement was made after North Robinson claimed to be the real father of the celebrity.

Her sexuality is also being disputed in the book. For various years her relationship with her best friend Gayle King has been carefully analyzed. The endless debates of whether Oprah is a lesbian or not continue especially after sordid details from her past have been revealed to the public.

For her fans and friends the biography is just another marketing tool designed to bring quick profits to those who are interested in celebrity scandals and continually search dirty secrets to ruin her reputation. However, the statements has raised some serious question of whether that claims are based on grain of truth and more importantly which ones of them are real and which ones are not. Regardless of the conclusions that might derive from this scandal one thing’s for sure: the way we look at Oprah is definitely going to change from now on.