The “One Kiss” by Cindy Crawford jewelry line is a 40 piece collection inspired by a henna symbol that translated to “kiss”. Sterling silver, gemstones and diamonds are used for layered chains, drop earrings, stackable ring designs.

“Once I got ‘married’ to J.C. Penney, the opportunity to do more just seemed like the right thing to do and jewelry was a fun departure from bedding,” said Crawford. “When I started speaking with the jewelry team, we were definitely aware of the success of the Jane Seymour collection for Kay [Jewelers] and her universal symbol of an open heart. But obviously, we can’t redo what someone else has done. So we looked for a universal shape that had an appealing aesthetic. We came across this henna symbol for ‘kiss,’ which I liked. It was cool, but I love what it means. It’s not necessarily a romantic kiss, it could be a mother’s kiss. You can also buy it for yourself.”

Cindy Crawford One Love Earring Design Cindy Crawford Wearing Own Jewelry Designs

Cindy Crawford said she has created the jewelry designs in her home in Malibu with the jewelers of J.C Penney and they have taken their inspiration from her favorite jewelry and personal belongings. Crawford explains the concept behind the line and her favorite pieces of the collection:

“I wanted the designers to see who I am, not as a model or as ‘public Cindy,’ but me as a person,” Crawford said. “I live on the beach and spend much of my time barefoot and in jeans. So that’s where we started, with them seeing items in my life that had nothing to do with me, the public figure. And I appreciated that they wanted to do it my way. It made the line more organic.”

The jewelry collection One Kiss by Cindy Crawford will hit the stores in April, retailing for between $79 and $299.

Source: WWD Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy Photo