Carrying out her promotional duties for the ‘Men In Black 3’ where she co-stars alongside renowned actors Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, singer Nicole Scherzinger strips down to nothing but a swimsuit to pose for the camera lens of Marc Baptiste for a feature in Maxim Australia’s June 2012 issue.

The 33 year old ‘Wet’ singer flaunts her flawless physique in front of the camera like a true pro, proving that her skills expand further than just vocals and choreography. She’s got the looks of a Hawaiian goddess but says she’s nothing but a simple Southern girl when she’s not on stage.

She’s demonstrated that she’s got the moves of a professional dancer from the first time she hit the stage with ‘The Pussycat Dolls’ and apparently her moves are not all carefully planned as Nicole reveals to the magazine that when she’s dancing “I transport to another place. I don’t know what my body is gonna do. I just listen to what the music tells me and kind of blank out. I turn into a beast.”

Although she can bust a cool move without even thinking and she loves a guy who can dance, she says that sometimes guys who dance to impress scare her, so all you ‘fellas’ that want to catch Nicole’s eye, better make sure you don’t go overboard with your moves as she tells the magazine that:

“Uh, that might scare me. Sometimes guys take it too far when they’re dancing. I’d be like, ‘OK, dude. You need to settle down and have some control.”

The Hawaii born singer was raised in Kentucky and apparently she managed to fuse traditions that belong to both places as they are all part of her history. She might have the moves of a Hawaiian Hula dancer but she’s got the appetite of a true Southern girl. Nicole says:

“I’m just a down-home Southern girl. I love making chicken and dumplings and Kentucky Derby pie. And from Hawaii I’ve got a love of paddle surfing. I love visiting family in both places.”

Although her natural beauty has conquered the hearts on many men, Nicole can still appreciate another woman’s beauty and apparently her ‘girl crush’ is none other than the fabulous Halle Berry as she reveals to Maxim that:

“[Halle Berry] She’s just naturally gorgeous… I love her smile. Wait, I sound like a dude – I’ve got to snap out of it!”

Find out more about Nicole Scherzinger and admire her sexy style in the spread included in Maxim Australia’s June 2012 issue. Photos courtesy of Maxim Australia