Nicole Scherzinger managed to grab all the attention with her remarkable physique, exotic beauty, provocative dancing moves and lovely voice, so no wonder that this multi-talented diva has been invited to become a judge at the world renowned TV show the X Factor. Because she’s definitely an inspiration for women all over the world, Nicole Scherzinger has landed on the cover of InStyle UK, the August 2011 issue, where she talks about being promoted from host to judge on America’s X Factor.

Being a lead singer in one of the hottest girl bands “The Pussycat Dolls” definitely helped Nicole develop and become super successful as a singer and she’s going to take her talent and knowledge to judge and select some of the hottest voices in America. Apparently, the news that Nicole was going to become a judge and replace Cheryl Cole came as a surprise during the photoshoot, and it seems that this positive news helped Nicole glow in the photos.

Nicole Scherzinger for InStyle 2011 Nicole Scherzinger Covers InStyle August 2011

Nicole Scherzinger flaunts her sexy body in front of the cameras without any shyness. Her perfect physique is displayed on camera as Nicole does the splits while standing at an 180 degree angle, pressed against a wall, and manages to look like it’s nothing. Nicole just radiates, so no wonder that her presence always makes heads turn, but her look doesn’t come easy. Hard work seems to be the secret behind this 33 year old babe’s physique as she reveals exclusively to InStyle: “My physique definitely takes work, but I fluctuate. Sometimes, I’m in superhero mode and I’m all buff and lean, but at the moment I’m a little more relaxed.”

Apparently, Nicole fits in very well as a judge as she has recently turned the beautiful age of 33 and celebrated with her co-judges from the show. Simon Cowell definitely wanted to show Nicole his love as he presented her two gifts, a T-shirt with “I heart and a picture of himself” and a birthday cake again with his face on it. Nicole clearly was enjoying the entire surprise and she even stated that: I am so excited, I woke up this morning and its my birthday, I have an amazing job working with three of the most wonderful people in the world that I have ever met..” Nicole even cracked a joke after by saying : “Well two actually – and then there’s Simon too!”

Nicole Scherzinger Covers InStyle August 2011 Nicole Scherzinger Covers InStyle August 2011

As far as replacing Chery Cole, Nicole says that she does feel sorry for replacing her, but is thrilled of the opportunity which has been given to her. She said: “(Cheryl)She’s lovely. We really relate, we both find it very hard to say ‘No’ to the contestants; we both go at it from the same place; we both give heartfelt and constructive criticism.” Find out more about Nicole’s boyfriend, Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and the X Factor in the latest issue of InStyle.

Source and Photos: InStyle UK