Nicole Scherzinger graces the newest cover of Compass South March 2012. The stunning 33-year-old brunette beauty sits down for a chat with the magazine and dishes on her UK fans, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, putting on a bigger UK tour, performing at last year’s ‘Royal Variety Performance, and many more. Nicole will play Lilly in ‘Men In Black III’, set to be released on 25 May 2012, and was ranked 9th in ‘FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women. Still, she will not return to US ‘X Factor’ this year.

Speaking about her British fans, the gorgeous songstress confesses that she felt overwhelmed by them. “I’m so happy and beyond pleased as my fans over here have helped to give me my first number one single in the UK. Although I was doing ‘X Factor’ in the U.S. last year, I was pretty much in the recording studio every other night, as I’ve added four extra songs to my album, which has now been repackaged,” Nicole says.

Scherzinger won the tenth season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in the U.S. in early 2010. One this experience, Nicole admits that it took up much time. “Oh my gosh, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ was so time-consuming and I didn’t take a break for three months. After that I went to Europe and that’s when I really honed in on my music again and worked with RedOne,” the singer told the magazine.

Nicole Scherzinger Covers Compass South Magazine March 2012

Nicole says that she enjoys touring. The brunette has visited Manchester and Birmingham, yet she told Compass South that, “You never really get to see the town that you’re visiting because it’s always straight on to the next one. You only get acquainted with the hotel, the tour bus, the airport and venues, so honestly you judge the towns by the people in the crowd. I’m hoping to put on a much bigger UK tour either in the autumn or sometime next year.”

At last year’s ‘Royal Variety Performance’ Nicole performed the title song ‘Phantom of The Opera’. “There’s nothing like the stage and that’s why I was honoured to perform that part, it’s just so rewarding and, as an artist, it’s a privilege for me to be able to have that outlet and reveal that part of me that I love,” she commented.

In the interview with the magazine’s April 2012 issue, the singer also recalls how she was discovered on American reality TV show ‘Popstars’ back in 2001.

“I’ve come full circle and I feel that, starting out on a show like that, it’s given me an added advantage because for me, as an artist, I can empathise with the contestants that I judge on ‘X Factor’. I knew exactly what they were going through and I knew how much it really meant to them. I have to say that I found the contestants on the UK ‘X Factor’ to be so much more fun, open and bubbly and the crowds were outrageous and very outspoken. I loved that and also that they welcomed me with open arms,” Nicole says.

Nicole Scherzinger Covers Compass South Magazine March 2012 Nicole Scherzinger Covers Compass South Magazine March 2012

Photos courtesy of Compass South Magazine