Apparently, there’s no one who could have embodied the great Tina Turner better than supermodel Naomi Campbell. At 41, Naomi would put women half her age to shame, as her perfect body seems to defy time. Naomi Campbell agreed to pay tribute to Tina Turner in V Magazine, and the photographs taken by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi demonstrated that Naomi still has that ‘magic touch’ that mesmerises from first glimpse and that landed her a supermodel status.

This is a bit unusual for the magazine as the section usually dedicates these pages to sports, but the surprise offered is more than welcome as Naomi Campbell’s stunning photo spread is truly a delight to watch. The Private Dancer: Naomi Campbell channels her inner Tina Turner seemingly without any effort and with a perfect body, just like Ms. Turner always displayed on stage, super stylish mini dresses, like the ones donned by Ms. Turner, plenty of confidence and a hair to envy, Naomi demonstrates that she’s not done paying contribution to the world of modelling.

Striking a pose for V wearing incredible pieces that seem to be inspired by the dresses the great Tina Turner loved to wear during her performances, dresses featuring the names of some of the most respected designers in the industry like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Blumarine, vintage Versace and Calvin Klein, Naomi Campbell reveals plenty of skin and looks simply perfect.

Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi’s camera lens captures the amazing Naomi Campbell in various ensembles and positions that only underline the perfect lines of her enviable physique, similar to Ms.Tina Turner’s. The legendary singer became a sensation due to her strong beautiful voice, various hit singles and high energy-performances, so no wonder that V Magazine opted to pay tribute to the great entertainer. Check out the amazing photo spread in V Magazine.

Photos courtesy of V Magazine