From the red carpet to the special moments that took place on stage, the 2014 MTV Movie Awards celebrated movies, stars and their outrageous moments. Held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on April 13, the ceremony featured plenty of crazy stunts and hilarious jokes.

See the best moments in GIFs from the MTV Movie Awards 2014, including Zac Efron accepting his Best Shirtless Performance Award… shirtless and Rihanna hugging it out with Eminem.

Grumpy Cat Rocks the Red Carpet

Probably the most important celebrity at the MTV Movie Awards 2014, Grumpy Cat made an appearance on the red carpet looking as grumpy as ever. 

Grumpy At Gif

Grumpy Cat wore a cool hat, posed for the paparazzi and even took a selfie with “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Hoechlin.

Rihanna Reveals Her Secret Weapon

Rihanna Boobs Gif

Many fashion critics panned Rihanna’s red carpet look as being more fit for a boudoir than an awards ceremony, but the look allowed the singer to show off her secret weapon. Rihanna’s performance look didn’t get more praise than her red carpet outfit, but at least the latter showed off the singer’s cleavage in one of the best moments from the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

Katy Perry Beats Conan at Arm Wrestling

Katy Perry Mtv Movie Awards 2014

Katy Perry Arm Wrestling

In a pre-taped segment, host Conan O’Brien challenged Katy Perry to an arm wrestling match… and lost. While Conan was funny throughout the show, Katy Perry didn’t attend, but she introduced her new look during the segment. Rocking green hair and a sparkling outfit, Katy put Conan in his place.

Seth Rogen Makes Out with His “Mother”

Seth Rogen Mtv Movie Awards 2014

In order to spice things up at the ceremony, MTV producers slipped three golden tickets to the audience, for one free celebrity kiss. In one of the best moments at the MTV Movie Awards 2014, Seth Rogen had to make out with his “mother”, played by a very enthusiastic actress, and it definitely ended up as one of the weirdest moments of the ceremony.

Rita Ora Undresses Zac Efron

Zac Efron Shirtless GifZac Efron Mtv Movie Awards Gif

Back in March, after learning of his nomination for Best Shirtless Performance, Zac Efron assured his fans than “If I beat Thor – I’m accepting the award shirtless on stage”. The actor had a little help from British singer Rita Ora, who tried to rip off his denim shirt. Efron kept his promise, threw away his shirt and flexed for the cheering audience.

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Nicki Minaj and Kate Upton Get Playful

Nicki Minaj Bongos Gif

In one of the best moments at the MTV Movie Awards 2014, presenters Cameron Diaz, Nicki Minaj, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann turned the tables and enjoyed a bit of male objectification. While Leslie Mann swooned over Leonard DiCaprio (“I’d wolf your Wall Street”), it’s Nicky Minaj that really took it up a notch by revealing her crush on Matthew McConaughey.

Rihanna and Eminem Hug

Rihanna And Eminem Gif

While the performance of “Monster” was one of the controversial moments from the MTV Movie Awards 2014, Rihanna and Eminem snuck in a emotional moment as they hugged. Detractors say the entire thing was lip-synced, but the two artists are about to go on tour together, so hopefully they’ll sing 100% live for their fans.

Zac Efron Kisses a Fan

Zac Efron Kiss Gif

While Seth Rogen’s kiss was more than uncomfortable, Zac Efron had one of the best moments at the MTV Movie Awards 2014 when he kissed an audience member who got the golden ticket. Unlike Rita Ora, the lucky girl didn’t try to take off Efron’s shirt.

Tyler Posey Bites Gummy Bear

Tyler Posey Mtv Movie Awards 2014 Gif

Getting into the rock’n’roll spirit, “Teen Wolf” start Tyler Posey angrily bit out of a huge gummy bear, fueling the imagination of Tumblr users everywhere.

Mark Wahlberg Realizes He’s Old

Mark Wahlberg Chill Out GifMark Wahlberg Shit Gif

Getting the MTV Generation Award might be a big honor for other stars, but Mark Wahlberg focused on the negative implications, in a f-bomb filled speech about getting too old. “This is the ‘you’re too f—ing old to come back’ award… this is ‘you’re f—king done’,” Wahlberg told the audience and maybe he was right. Nobody deemed his speech GIF-worthy.

Josh Hutcherson Timidly Raises the Roof

Josh Hutcherson Raising The Roof

After winning the Best Male Performance award for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, Josh Hutcherson returned to the stage when the sequel also won Movie Of The Year. In one of the best moments at the MTV Movie Awards 2014, Hutcherson tried to “raise the roof”, but the award itself proved too heavy for him.