People magazine offers readers the chance to find out who are the most beautiful celebrities in 2010 from the music stage as well as Hollywood. These famous figures are selected both according to their appearance as well as fabulous charisma and talent to impress the public.

Therefore specialists have lined up a spectacular parade of the most beloved celebs of the year who managed to achieve various awards and also respect and a strong reputation thanks to their lifestyle and contributions to various projects. You’ll find here your favorite singers, actors as well as other socialites.

The list might be too long to present here, still this is a brief selection of some of the leading personalities who occupy a prominent position in this Hall of Beauty this year.

People magazine honored the 42 years old actress with the cover page for the Most Beautiful edition no less than 4 times. The Eat Pray Love star is one of the most successful and charismatic actresses of our times as well as the happy mother of 3 children. Both co-actors as well as fans claim that the unique aura she radiates is what makes her so beautiful and not the facial features often criticized by the media.<br /><br /> The 30 years old Step Up and recently Dear John star is indeed one of the most beloved actors of our time when it comes of romantic flicks. The athletic body as well as the piercing blue eyes are all some of the basic elements that contributed to his title. Ladies will be more than thrilled to find that men are present in the most beautiful list in equal number as ladies.<br /> Avatar as critics claim is the ultimate blockbuster of the decade. Therefore the stars who portrayed some of the most memorable characters landed on the red carpet with the speed of light. Zoe Saldana at the age of 31 became one of the most venerated and promising actresses in Hollywood. She achieved world-wide success with her leading role in Avatar also occupying a prominent position in the beautiful celebrities 2010 list.<br /> Charisma and sex-appeal are fused in the personality and also appearance of the 25 years old Scarlett Johansson who became t the peek of her career even the muse of one of the most revolutionary directors of out times Woody Allen. With her roles as well as red carpet appearances she managed to take the fans and media of their feet. Therefore she is one of the members of this stylish parade who earned their title of most beautiful with hard work.<br /><br /> At the age of 29 Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most popular and sought-after actors of Hollywood who climb apparently slowly but surely on the list of award-winners. With his unique and controversial performance in Brokeback Mountain as well as his role as a warrior in Prince of Persia he showed the audience that besides being super-cute he is also a versatile actor. <br /><br /> Jennifer Aniston the romantic comedy star who surprised the public also with her dramatic roles, succeeded in strengthening her reputation as a versatile and promising actress. Indeed at the age of 41 the film academy values her as one of the most popular and catching actresses of our times. Indeed her presence on the most beautiful list proves that age has nothing to do with beauty and even a girl next door look can be charming at times.<br /> No wonder the Bieber craze overwhelmed the world as the 16 years old singer conquered the hit lists with his first album. The various public performances as well as collaborations with other great performers brought Justin Bieber hyper-success. Thanks to his youthful charm as well as fragile features he was also considered one of the most beautiful people in 2010 according to the readers of People magazine.<br /><br />