Major celebrities often manage to snag very lucrative multi-year contracts to endorse products, and they can end up making as much money from commercials as from their day jobs.

Check out some of the most expensive celebrity endorsements, from surprisingly successful ideas like Justin Bieber’s nail polish and Kim Kardashian’s mobile game, to traditional but very well paid celebrity athlete endorsements.

Justin Bieber and OPI – $12 Million

The Canadian singer played a big part in the ubiquity of celebrity nail polish lines after the success of his 2010 One Less Lonely Girl collection for OPI. Bieber was paid $12 million when he was just 16, based on his huge fanbase and big impact on social media. 

Justin Bieber Opi 12 Million Deal

That was his most lucrative endorsement so far, although the figure for his Calvin Klein underwear contract wasn’t made public.

Jay Z and Samsung – $20 Million

Jay Z 20 Million Samsung Deal

In a great concept for cross-promotion, Jay Z endorsed Samsung Galaxy devices while also promoting his album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” in 2013. The rapper was reportedly paid $20 million for allowing his album to become a temporary exclusive on Galaxy devices, and that’s one of the most expensive celebrity endorsements ever.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and T-Mobile – $20 Million

Catherine Zeta Jones And T Mobile 20 Million Deal

Even though Catherine Zeta-Jones’ career was slowing down in 2005, T-Mobile shelled out $20 million to have her as the face of the company for a year. The ad campaign definitely made a big impact and the actress returned to promote T-Mobile again in 2009.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – $33 Million

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mobiel Game Deal

The original projections for the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood would have made the reality TV star over $40 million in 2014. However, the game’s revenues were only just above $74 million last year. That still helped Kim have one of the most expensive celebrity endorsements, since she’s entitled to 45% of the revenue, which is just over $33 million so far.

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Nicole Kidman and Chanel – $48 Million

Nicole Kidman And Chanel 48 Million Deal

When signing on to promote Chanel No. 5 in 2003, Nicole Kidman didn’t demand a huge sum, but she’s been the face of the perfume for 12 years. At a reported $4 million a year, the deal definitely turned out to be very lucrative for Kidman. It’s unlikely she could have made almost $50 million since 2003 by selling her own line of fragrances.

George Clooney and Nespresso – $50 Million

George Clooney And Nespresso 50 Million Deal

Even though George Clooney’s Nespresso ads aren’t show in the US, the actor also has one of the most expensive celebrity endorsements. At $5 million a year since 2005, the actor and activist has made a lot of money from promoting coffee, and most of it has went into his charitable projects, including his advocacy against the Darfur genocide.

Beyoncé and Pepsi – $50 Million

Beyonce And Pepsi 50 Million Deal

Queen Bey hasn’t been the face of Pepsi for a decade, but she’s bringing in a lot of money. When signing with the multinational food and beverage corporation in 2003, Beyoncé secured a $50 million multi-year contract. She’s been on Pepsi cans and in commercials, but this is just the latest step in her collaboration with the company, which started in 2004.

Charlize Theron and Dior – $55 Million

Charlize Theron And Dior 55 Million Deal

After being the face of the J’adore Dior perfume for 11 years, Charlize Theron has reportedly made $55 million. Even though Chanel No. 5 is the best selling perfume in the world, Theron managed to pull off a $5 million a year deal, more than Nicole Kidman, and that definitely paid off in the long run.

Tiger Woods and Nike – $100 Million

Tiger Woods And Nike 100 Million Deal

The golf champion had one of the most impressive endorsement deals with Nike. He was paid $100 million to be the face of Nike in a 5-year contract that started in 2001. He’s been with the company since, with another 7 year contract, and in 2013 signed a new deal, making around $40 million per year.

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David Beckham and Adidas – $150 Million

David Beckham And Adidas 150 Million Deal

One of the most expensive celebrity endorsements is also one of the longest ones. Even though he retired from playing soccer in 2013, David Beckham is still a huge asset to Adidas. He signed a $150 million lifetime deal with the company, and has plenty of other lucrative endorsement deals.