Before hoping off from Wellington, the couple thought to surprise the editorial with a photo coverage about their favorite haunts from the capital of cool. Orlando took his snapshot camera and two days off from filming “Hobbit” and started along with Miranda Kerr on their journey to the historic lifeguarding school which gives place now to Maranui Cafe, to the the tumult of multicultural Newtown and to the unearthly Red Rocks Scientific Reserve.

Columnist David Amsden lived a revelation during the photo-shoot by realizing that none of the Kiwis paid attention to the photographic couple. Bloom also confirms the Wellingtonians blasé attitude: “People here are just really real – remarks during a lunch at the bistro Floriditas.”They don’t care about the same things that everyone else does.”

Miranda says ditto to her hubby’s statement, as well when it comes to the lifestyle gaps between Los Angeles and Wellington: “Like this, what we’re doing right now, just sitting in a park, out in public, I can’t do this anywhere else. In Los Angeles, there are people camped out in our driveway every day, waiting to follow us wherever we go. ”The couple could rejoice over tranquilness for seven bracing months in the most remote capital in the world, where Orlando Bloom was filming Peter Jackson’s latest costume movie the “Hobbit”.

Beside Orlando’s busy working schedule, the pair makes bold some few family escapades into the boundless countryside, by showing the wilderness to their 18 months old son, Flynn. Kerr affirms that they have ventured in a small compass, taking also notice of Flynn’s salad days:“We didn’t camp because Flynn’s still a little young for that. But it was just the three of us, nothing to do except be with each other in this shockingly beautiful place.”

Miranda Kerr at Maranui Cafe Miranda Kerr Along Oriental Bay Miranda Kerr at Red Rocks Reserve

Apart from family road-trips across New Zealand’s otherwordly landscapes or attending a Shakespeare play at Wellington’s Botanic Garden, the three spend most of their spare-time at their seaside villa which commands a fine view to Wellington Harbor. Here are all the joint cookings and binge eatings happening; Kerr bears witness of an energetic mom by right, after every feast setting the flavor for an impromptu family dance party.

Scorching Bay is within the reach of the family’s mansion, a lax and frenzied pleasure resort, and as well Kerr’s and Flynn’s favorite playground spot. Miranda bears a memory with her toddler son: “I take Flynn there a lot, just to play in the sand,” she sais. “And I was there with him a few days ago, right after coming back from a job in Tokyo. He was covered in sand, I was covered in sand, but it didn’t matter.”

It seems our Victoria’s Secret darling is up to elbows leading a full-time mom’s life, however the pictorial speaks for itself, despite handling many demands on her time she is radiating and signals demure and a woman of poise. Thumb through the pages of New York Time’s Fall Supplement and dip into Wellington’s hidden treasures arm-in-arm with Miranda’s photo spread and draw on some of her suggestions on chemises and sandals for the approaching Indian Summer!

Miranda Kerr Boomrock sheep farm Miranda Kerr in Newtown Miranda Kerr for T Magazine Miranda Kerr for T Magazine

Miranda Kerr for T Magazine Miranda Kerr and Flynn at Red Rocks Reserve

Photo courtesy of T Magazine