She’s mesmerized an entire world with her perfect silhouette, seductive dimples, ocean-blue eyes, catwalking skills and natural beauty and now, Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr takes over the cover of InStyle June 2012, as she’s just been named the winner of the InStyle & Audi Women of Style Beauty Award and the winner of the Readers’ Choice Award.

The 29-year-old Australian beauty says that ‘it’s such an honour to be shooting this cover…to be recognised as a woman of style’ and she demonstrated, with her fabulous spread, that she’s won the title fair-and-square as she posed like a true icon for the camera lens of Chris Colls for InStyle. Miranda, who is a model, beauty line owner, mother and wife, reveals in the interview with the magazine the people she looks up to, how she and actor Orlando Bloom manage to stay happily married, her style and more, so check out excepts of her interview with InStyle and find out her ‘style secrets’.

Miranda has always been appreciated for her impeccable styles and apparently the stunning model dresses according to her mood as she tells InStyle that she believes fashion is a perfect way of expressing yourself. She tells the magazine that:

“I would say my style is relaxed and generally understated. I think fashion can really be an expression of how you’re feeling. Some days you might be feeling a little sexy, you might want to vamp it up a little, and other days you might want to be more casual, and I think that fashion is a good way of expressing that.”

Along time, so many women have been ‘put up on a pedestal’ for their style, women who have revolutionized fashion and inspired new trends, women who have been labeled style icons and Ms. Kerr reveals two of her style icons by saying:

“Definitely Audrey Hepburn is a style icon. If it comes to red carpet, I think that Angelina Jolie has wonderful red-carpet looks.”

Miranda has been an advocate of healthy living and having a well balanced life and apparently she’s trying to live by her moto ‘life is about a balance and it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself’, as the model reveals that she’s trying to be more selective with the work she does so she can continue her career and have enough time to spend with her hubby and adorable baby boy Flynn. As far as her relationship with the actor, Miranda says that:

“Believe it or not, he’s (Orlando) a very private man and I’m a little more out there. I think that’s why we get along.”

Find out more about Miranda Kerr by checking out her complete spread and interview in the June 2012 Style issue of InStyle magazine. Photos courtesy of InStyle