It’s so easy to understand the girl crush everyone’s having for Miranda Kerr right now. She looks spectacular despite giving birth to a big baby boy, she’s landed on a very respectable 7th place in the list of highest payed models of 2012 with an impressive $4 million in earnings and she’s one of the most looked up to people in the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise she manages to amaze us once again with a fab pictorial for the Harper’s Bazaar August 2012 UK edition.

The renowned Aussie model shows off a series of uber sexy equestrian style outfits. The key equestrian pieces of the moment, the red jacket, black jodhpurs, a white collar, and an exposed black bra or to die for above the knee patent leather black boots become instant objects of desire. Needless to say, the pictorial shot by Giampaolo Sgura at New Jersey estate definitely hit the right mark.

Still, despite being an image for confidence, she confesses her husband still manages to make her nervous at important times like the annual VS show: “I never really want Orlando to be there because it makes me nervous. But last year, he was like, ‘You have no choice, I’m coming.’ And the one time he was attending the show, my shoe decided to fall off.”

The star doesn’t exclude the possibility of surprising us with yet another talent: singing. Still, there’s nothing certain just yet: “I love to sing, and I’ve recorded a few covers and originals with friends, but I haven’t written any songs.” Another interesting possibility, on a highly personal level this time, also emerged in discussion: having more kids: “I think probably, yes. Having a child is the most incredible experience. [My perfect day is] to wake up to the sound of my son saying ‘Mama, mama!’ It’s the best sound ever. Then I just love to get him out of bed and he can jump into bed with us, and we have cuddle time.”

Despite what one might think, given the highly competitive field she works in and all the related expectations, Miranda gives a surprising statement, regarding the post-baby weight loss process and states her priorities clearly: “I didn’t feel pressure to snap back into shape. My priority was just having my son and breastfeeding, which was something I really wanted to do, and it came easily. I’m actually still making milk now but, you know, he’s got teeth.”

For more insightful gems from the 29 year old hottie, be sure to pick up the newest issue of Bazaar UK August 2012 issue which hits the newsstands this week.

Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar via MailOnline