Milla Jovovich is ‘one hot mama’ as the mother of one would put women half her age to shame with her perfect silhouette. At the beautiful age of 36, the actress and model demonstrates that she’s still got that hotness that helped her land a supermodel status, as she stripped to nothing but bare skin for Maxim Australia, the magazine’s March 2012 issue.

The once ‘favorite supermodel’ of late Gianni Versace, Milla Jovovich shows she’s more than comfortable in front of the camera as the struck a sexy pose for Maxim, where she wore nothing but lingerie and her bare skin. In between shoots, Milla sat down for a chat with Maxim and revealed details of her holiday from hell, her lifestyle, diet and more, so check out excerpts of the interview and find out more about the Ukrainian bombshell.

Talking with Maxim about her worst holiday, the diva recalls that her holiday from hell was in Peru. She told the magazine that:

“I had a grueling trip to Peru once. I was in the middle of nowhere with my mum and a couple of friends, and we just weren’t prepared for the intensity of the hikes. At one point my mum was like [in Russian accent], ‘They must send helicopter, or I will have heart attack.’”


Just like everyone, the 36 year old actress/model/singer has various hobbies but the weirdest one of all is her penchant for dollhouses. Apparently, Milla likes to collect them as she loves creating ‘worlds’. She says:

“I collect dollhouses – I have, like, nine. I’m really into creating worlds. I’ll just sit for hours putting up the wallpaper and hooking up the electricity.”

With a perfect silhouette, the actress shares her diet upgrade secret with Maxim. To keep herself healthy and fit, Milla reveals that she switched her habit of eating pizza and burgers to healthier options. She tells the magazine that: “I was a big pizza and burger person when I was younger. Now I eat a lot, but it’s good stuff, like sushi or chicken.”

The stunning photoshoot that shows that Milla is more than comfortable in her own skin was a ‘piece of cake’ for the diva as with years of modelling experience backing her career, she’s definitely a pro at what she does. As far as going nude for the spread, Ms. Jovovich reveals that:

“It was really funny, ’cause the stylist was like, ‘So, it’s up to you how far you wanna go. We have dresses here and all that.’ I was like, ‘Look, I do Vogue, OK? I’m not doing this to advertise a designer – I’m doing this to show my body. Lingerie and a sheet, OK?’ She’s like, ‘Oh my God, most actresses are so, like, ‘Nooo! I don’t want to put on lingerie!’ I was like, ‘Uh-uh, it’s all about my body, OK?’”

Check out Milla Jovovich’s full interview and incendiary spread in Maxim Australia’s March 2012 issue.

Photos courtesy of Maxim Australia