It seems that Michelle Williams has gone a long way since her Dawson’s Creek years as the 31-year-old actress channelled her inner Marilyn Monroe, showing her acting skills and sexy body all at once. The actress strips down to her lingerie in an incendiary spread with GQ Magazine, the February 2012 issue, where she also talks about her life before fame, sexuality and more.

Growing up with a strong will to become an actress, Michelle Williams decided it was time to leave ‘her family’s nest’ at quite an early age to pursue a career in acting. At just 15, Michelle moved out and tried to take life in her own hands as she thought she no longer needed a tutor and could pull off adult work hours. Looking back at those times, Michelle reveals that it wasn’t all she expected. She tells GQ that:

“It was just stupid. I didn’t know what I was taking on. I don’t think things through very often—I don’t project into the future about how a situation will turn out. Even the simplest things, I’m guilty of making really bad decisions a lot of the time. In my work it’s a capacity that’s served me well, but in my life it can be a problem. I had an egg crate for a mattress. It’s hard to tuck your sheets under an egg crate. It was very, very lonely.”

Michelle also talks about taking on the role of the infamous Marilyn Monroe, who managed to carve herself a spot in history due to her beauty, style, boldness, oozing sexuality and distinct personality. However, the 31 year old, says that in her 20s her work has revolved around sexuality but they were never sexy. She tells GQ that:

“I wouldn’t say that that would be one of my first qualities as a human being—being sexy. And I think because my character on Dawson’s Creek was sexy…sexualized…sexual…I saw all the negative attention and connotations that can come along with that. And that those things can keep people from seeing you clearly. When you play sexy you’re kind of playing just for men. That is something you have to police and turn it on its head. I mean, sexuality has been a part of my work, obviously…Blue Valentine…but it’s never been sexy, it hasn’t been beautiful.”

It seems however that time does help you grow and realize certain things, and that’s what happened to Michelle Williams which has found out that being feminine and sexy is not something to just overlook. Now that she’s cross the 30s mark and has a blooming artistic career and a lovely young daughter, Michelle shares with her fans that she thinks it was funny that she tried so hard to run away from sexuality in the past. She says that:

“It’s funny spending your twenties running away from it, and then you hit your thirties…wait a second! Come back! I want that time back when I didn’t appreciate what I had! That kind of ripe sexuality, when you hit your thirties you feel more in possession of it, you feel it’s not something that can be sort of taken away from you and reassembled.”

Michelle Williams also talks about Heath Ledger, the pressures of constantly being in the spotlight as an actor and more, so check out her complete interview and stunning spread in the February 2012 issue of GQ.

Photos courtesy of GQ