After keeping her babies away from the eye of the public for six months, Mariah Carey finally reveals to the world her bundles of joy, twins Monroe and Moroccan. The mother of two opened her doors to Barbara Walter’s 20/20 show to reveal her new life as a proud mother. Mariah and her hubby Nick Cannon talked about their expectations as far as the babies future goes and it seems that Mariah would love to have her babies follow her footsteps, while their dad would prefer the children to get their Ph.D first.

The couple was all smiles and their joy flickered in their eyes as the road to giving birth to the children was not easy. Mariah admitted to turning towards fertility treatments to get pregnant and even revealed she has suffered a miscarriage in the past, so the couple is just ecstatic to have been blessed with two healthy and beautiful babies, whom they call Roc and Roe.

Mariah, who says that she is happy with her twins and doesn’t want anymore children, reveals to Barbara Walters that: “I don’t think I understood the enormity or the magnitude of what it really does to your body. Like it’s not just, oh you don’t look pretty and you have a bump.”

The babies were all dressed up and looked adorable for their first television appearance; Roe wore a cute chiffon dress paired with a nude bolero while Roc was all a gentleman in a camel colored suit. According to Mariah and Nick, they didn’t want their babies to be presented to the world in a tabloid, so she decided to create her own website and share her pictures with their fans there, plus she agreed to opening her doors for the TV special on ABC. The site titled ‘Dembabies’ reveals intimate photographs of the family since the babies were born until present.

In the TV special, Mariah is seen singing to her babies and they seem to be enjoying every bit of the song. The diva, who reportedly gave birth to her twins while her music was playing on a CD says: “They really respond to music.” However, her husband Nick, who is also an entertainer isn’t too open to the idea of his children following in their own footsteps, at least not before they get their education. He says: “I want to make sure we get education first. Society puts too much on entertainment and entertainers. They praise them like they’re royalty, especially in America, where it should really be about the teachers or, you know, the doctors. I want them to be able to sing as beautifully as their mother. I want them to be able to play instruments and everything. But I want them like Go get a Ph.D.”

In the exclusive interview, Mariah and her husband also talk about their life and their marriage, and she admits that it was very difficult to make a commitment again after her divorce, and says that she is very happy to be in love.