The beloved celebrity couples launched a real series of baby projects as the best way to show their love and special bond to the fans and the media. There are various gossips and news circulating around the pregnancy of Mariah Carey, these included both the question whether she expects twins or a single baby or more recently about the gender of the baby. In December, Nick Cannon was the one who confirmed that they are going to welcome twins and not only one baby. The fans were righteously thrilled about this fact and now, we have the chance to find out also that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are expecting a boy and a girl.

In the next issue of the popular Life&Style magazine Mariah Carey reveals that: “Even before we announced it was twins, I was trying to keep everything gender-neutral, because I didn’t want to impose an identity on them too soon.”

“There were fan contests on Twitter about what gender they are and rumors about them being two boys or two girls — but nobody guessed this!” The young couple decided to share this information with the public in order to tame the craving of the magazines and media about finding out more and more on this celebrity pregnancy.

Not only Mariah, but also a friend offered some details to the Life&Style magazine in which the source claims that: “It’s all about pink and blue these days. It’s truly going to be a dream come true for them. They get a son and daughter.”

When Mimi was appearing on The Elle DeGeneres Show, she also stated that: “I’m not going to impose pink on a girl. You think I’m really going to go that hard with it?” and Ellen’s answer to this statement was that “When that baby comes out, you’re going to have high heels on it immediately.”. Now it’s the moment to cheer for the arrival of both a baby girl and a boy offering parents the chance to flood them with their love.

Mariah and Nick couldn’t been happier to welcome the twin babies around April. However, before she would take a plunge into motherhood, Mariah Carey still has some work to do. In February she will also launch her own jewelry collection for HSN as well as her shoe line and the mass-expected fragrance.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Expecting a Boy and a Girl

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