Mandy Moore is Dove’s ‘Women Who Should Be Famous’ campaign spokesperson, a project that shows special women who are role models and really make a difference. Glamour magazine got the chance to chat with the 28-year-old actress about what inspired her to join the Dove’s Self-Esteem Movement. “I’ve always loved Dove’s focus on real women and really share in their spirit and commitment to inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential. Dove believes that all real women who are positive role models should be famous and I’m proud to be a part of movement that offers a different POV on ‘celebrity’ by widening the definition of who we consider famous,” Mandy explains.

The young starlet confesses in her interview with the magazine that she wasn’t always confident regarding her body. “Growing up, I definitely had insecurities about my height — I’m 5’10. I went through a big growth spurt and for a period of time, was taller than a lot of my friends. I used to hunch over and complain to my parents about sticking out or feeling awkward in my body. My mom, who is about 8 inches shorter than me, never failed to mention how envious she was of my height and that it was a beautiful quality. She reminded me to embrace what I was given and stand tall with my shoulders back… I guess the grass is always greener,” Moore confesses.

Being a celebrity means to indirectly inspire other women especially when it comes to their own outer appearance. Speaking to Glamour, Mandy Moore gives a piece of advice to women in order to boost self-confidence.

“Everyone, everywhere, no matter who you are or what you do with your life, has days where they feel insecure about one thing or another when it comes to our physical appearance. I try to remember that I’m not an anomaly, I’m only human and not to beat myself up for feeling down. Trying to highlight the positive aspects that you LOVE about yourself is always the healthier way to go. Why waste any of your energy on negative, if you can help it?” she says.

On the beauty products she won’t leave home without putting on first, Moore reveals that, “I’ve only recently (oops) become very diligent about sunscreen so now that is a MUST-HAVE.” The actress also shares the product that makes her feel more confident. “A dab of blush or color on my cheeks seems to wake my whole face up.”

We must admit that Mandy Moore always looks impeccable whether she glams up the red carpet or she is photographed doing errands. Her go-to beauty secret? “I’m pretty simple and also not really ‘gifted’ at applying makeup, so a little concealer under my eyes, some rosy blush, a creamy eye shadow in a shimmery taupe, mascara and a lip-stain…. Oh and definitely a tiny bit of powder to fill in my brows. In my makeup bag is organic rosewater to mist on my face before and after so I look/feel fresh, and an eyelash curler. I love mine,” Moore says.

The lovely actress also admits that, “I LOVE fragrance so I’m never afraid to splurge on a quality perfume or oil. I also equally love drugstore brands like Aquaphor. I can NOT get enough of that stuff. I have little tubes of it in every purse, in my car, etc…”

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