Lately, Lindsay Lohan seemed to be cleaning up her act, but apparently the actress is back to her old tricks, making it yet again into the tabloids attention after snaps of her Terry Richardson photoshoot were revealed. The actress, who was recently cast to play the role of the late Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming movie ‘Liz & Dick’, has never been shy of putting her skin on display, so the fact that she’s donning a sheer mesh bra and a sexy cameo in the majority of the snaps isn’t what got people’s attention, it was actually the set of pictures in which Lindsay is flashing a gun and poses holding the piece to her head.

The ‘suicide-like’ pose shot in the popular location The Chateau Marmont, was not received well by the media as this is definitely a ‘touchy’ subject, so no wonder that the photos have gathered up quite the feedback. Terry Richardson is known for his unconventional photography style, his snaps being heavy in nudity and sometimes characterized as vulgar, but nevertheless celebs seem to love posing for his camera lens as his ‘celeb models’ include names such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Kate Moss, Kesha, Kanye West and Kate Upton.

The snaps which show Lindsay putting a gun at her temple, her neck as well as her mouth, were later removed from Terry Richardson’s site, but this was not enough to stop the negative comments flowing as some of the snaps showed Lindsay channelling her acting skills as she’s seen putting on display a sad face, a look of a person that reached the peak of desperation.

The acclaimed photographer did not remove the snaps which reveal Lindsay’s sexy style as she’s donning a cheeky see through bra which exposes her breasts and a satin nightgown. Call it art or call it ‘pushing the boundaries and entering rocky terrain’, the photoshoot definitely reached its goal and got its fair share of attention, so check it out and tell us what you think!

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson