It seems that Lindsay Lohan can’t keep away from the tabloids as she was spotted again with Samantha Ronson, her ex-girlfriend, leaving the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Apparently Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson had a sleepover as the couple was spotted leaving the hotel and ending-up at Samantha’s place.

Now that is quite a shocker as the two seemed to be growing apart since they decided to call it quits as far as their relationship went. The news that Lindsay Lohan bought a new home right next to Samantha’s caught the media attention and Samantha seemed visibly upset about the matter. She even said that she has not planned this, but it seems that things are beginning to improve as the two are buddies again.

Samantha and Lindsay’s relationship caused a media frenzy and everyone wanted to know everything about it. Now that they are once again hanging out, the media is beginning to wonder if things aren’t over between the two, as it wouldn’t be the first time a couple who once split reconciles. The sleepover that Lindsay and Samantha had was even confirmed by Samantha herself through her Twitter account. She tweeted around 5 a.m.:

“Watching grey’s anatomy-my fav show- @lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me – should i wake her up to let her know her mom is going on Gma?”

Well, this message has lead to the couple’s reconciliation rumors but nothing has been confirmed. It seems that Lindsay just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Samantha, who is now just as friend. She tweeted:

“I was just at roosevelt to meet Samantha and say happy birthday to a friend.”

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Had a Sleepover

Just to ensure that her probation and her fans are not affected by her outing, as the club Teddy’s is attached to the hotel, Lindsay Lohan decided to tweet to her fans that she did not go there as she takes her probation seriously. She wrote:

“The reports i was at teddy’s are inaccurate…I was just at roosevelt to meet Samantha and say happy birthday to a friend. i take my sobriety seriously. please don’t believe this accusations. i know the rules and i wouldn’t risk probation. xoxo L”

We hope that Lindsay does take her probation seriously as the next step will be a jail sentence if she doesn’t.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Back Together?

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