She’s the daughter of famous musician Phil Collins, she acted alongside heartthrob Taylor Lautner in ‘Abduction’ and now she’s preparing for the debut of her upcoming movie, ‘Mirror Mirror’, so no wonder that actress Lily Collins has plenty on her plate right now. While preparing for the launch of her new movie, Lily Collins took time to grace the cover of LA Times Magazine, March 2012, where she also shared info with regards to her growth. The in-depth article which puts Ms. Collin’s growth on display is titled ‘Spellbound’, so check out excerpts of her interview and take a peek at the amazing, fairy-tale like photo session done with Hilary Walsh for the magazine to find out more about this fast-rising actress.

Ms. Collins moved from England to L.A at the age of five, with her mother after the very public split from Phil Collins, and enrolled at Catholic school in Brentwood despite the fact that she wasn’t catholic as her only friend from LA opted for that school after which she chose to continue her studies at Harvard Westlake prep school. It seems that this is the place that she created a strong bond with people who are still her closest friends. She tells the magazine that:

“People had their groups, but no one ever found one cooler than the other. To this day, my core group of solid friends are from high school.”

Ms. Collins has tried to follow two individual career paths, that of an actress and that of a journalist, and it seems that she managed to juggle both jobs perfectly, but her path to success wasn’t all that smooth as Lily remembers that “when I started meeting with agencies they first told me there are plenty of sons of, daughters of, cousins of, nieces of, nephews of—and what makes you special? Do something, come back and we’ll talk. I said, ‘Thank you so much’ and left, but I said to myself, ‘That’s not going to work’.”

Lily Collins landed her first magazine cover at the age of 15 and a few years after she became an on-air correspondent for Nickelodeon. Looking back at her past aspirations, Lily tells LA Times magazine that:

“I wanted to be the youngest talk-show host. No one got [the concept]. I came in to boardrooms with pie charts and research. I was like, ‘Why is this not computing? It seems a given that the younger generation has a voice!’ I feel like I was just a few years too early.”

Since then, the job opportunities and magazine cover offers started pouring, so no wonder that at just 23, Lily has landed her first starring role in ‘Mirror Mirror’ alongside actress Julia Roberts. Her strong will, mentality and talent helped push Lily’s career forward, as she reveals that:

“I have a mentality of taking a situation and making it the best it can be. From being 16 and going into boardrooms and having to prove myself, I understand the process of shocking people. They see one thing when you walk in, and hopefully they see something else when you leave.”

Check out Lily Collins’s full interview and complete spread in the March 2012 issue of LA Times Magazine.

Photos courtesy of LA Times Magazine