If you’re ready for the ultimate countdown, read through the verdict of the hottest guys of the world who decided to provide us with a list of the least attractive women of 2011. AskMen is the best source to consider when it comes to the preferences of gents from all over the world. Therefore, if you’re lusting after finding out who’s hot and who’s not in Hollywood, skim through the following celebrity top.

No.1. Sarah Palin

It seems guys just can’t cope with the political and social views of this famous right-wing-extremist.

Sarah Palin occupies the prominent top position in the top of least attractive women for this year. Due to her anti-Obama attitude along with radical actions, she is considered a real persona non grata in the eyes of gents.

No.2. Snooki

Nicole Polizzi or as we know her ‘Snooki’ is a controversial and notorious personality in Hollywood.

Millions of people from all over the world had the chance to watch her unique performance in Jersey Shore. According to the guys at AskMen she is super-short, alcoholic and has an at least said weird fashion sense.

No.3 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s position in this top might seem pretty surprising. However, according to AskMen this reality show star might seem super-kind and alluring in another context.

However, in comparison with her ultra-hot sisters, she is just “not ‘the pretty one’”. Fortunately, Lamar Odom has a different opinion.

No.4 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus managed to win the hearts of millions of fans from all over the world. Moreover, in her adult phase she also succeeded in turning heads with her cheeky performances in private and on stage.

However, it seems that due to her provocative shots, drug issues along with maniacal laugh, she fell from grace and turned out to be one of the least attractive women of the year.

No.5 Ke$ha

Apparently, in the eyes of boys, success has nothing to do with hotness. Therefore, while millions are chanting the songs of Ke$ha, gents decided to include her in their top of least desirable women of 2011. This songbird is actually considered one of the stars who can rival the popularity of Lady Gaga. However, teased hair, vibrant makeup, torn stockings and other extravagant accessories seem to sabotage her career as an up-and-coming sex symbol.

Other names included in this list of undesirable women of 2011 are:Heidi Montag, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna together with Holly Madison and Danielle Staub.

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