Releasing the much awaited single “Born This Way” isn't the only concern of the young singer, as Lady Gaga thinks people want her to fail. Indeed one of the most popular performers of the moment spotted the secret of staying in the spotlight and from the point of view of the audience it's living a scandalous lifestyle. Find out more on the opinion of Lady Gaga of modern day media and fans.

During the 60MINUTES interview given to Anderson Cooper, Lady Gaga revealed many significant details about her career as well as upcoming single and album “Born This Way” and so many other subjects. Fame and the secret of staying in the spotlight was also among the main themes of discussions during the interview. It seems that Lady Gaga is one of the most prominent drama queens on the stage performing the role of a person who has serious issues about her love life as well as popularity. Anderson Cooper wanted to find out more of her real point of view related to the fans and the media these days.

Lady Gaga claimed that the role of a troubled person on the stage in fact reflects the need of fans for drama and scandals. She stated: "That's what everyone wants to know, right?" asks Gaga. "What is she going to look like when she dies...when she's overdosed on whatever they think I'm overdosing on? Everybody wants to see the decay of the superstar."

Indeed the notorious lifestyle of teen idols who apparently led a more decent lifestyle is blinking back from the covers of the tabloids. Therefore the young singer decided to adopt this attitude at least on the stage to fulfill the expectations of the audience for the necessary load of controversy.

Lady Gaga managed to become one of the most controversial and at the same time beloved celebrities and artists of our time. This can be attributed also to her unconventional stage performances as well as videos that revolutionize the music business combining with haute art.

She also revealed that she thinks: "They want to see me fail. They want to see me fall on stage. They want to see me vomiting out of a night club...Isn't that the age we live in? That we want to see people who have it all lose it all?". "It's a movie...and yet, I am just not like that on my own time. I'm not a vomit in the club kind of girl.". Devoting special attention to her career might keep up her reputation as a unique personality and she succeeded in featuring on the cover of the magazines for her scandalous music projects and videos rather than the tormented lifestyle she leads.

Having huge self-confidence she considers fame as a real art that should be mastered and done at its highest form, therefore she claims: "One of my greatest artworks is the art of fame. I am a master of the art of fame." We're looking forward to see the upcoming projects that could strengthen her reputation as the ultimate Fame Monster of our era.

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