The uber-famous music diva and her beau decided to strengthen their bond with an additional pledge that would pave the way for a future wedding. The Lady Gaga and Luc Carl commitment ceremony was held in Crete, Greece as one of the most spiritual scenarios they could think about. Indeed the legal conditions were not yet completed the couple exchanged rings and told a fabulous and unique wow. Find out more on the tiny details that made this ceremony so special and crowd-pleasing.

Lady Gaga either forced by her fear of a possible attack or just encouraged by the harmony that surrounds her relationship with club promoter Luc Carl decided to take this love to the next level and organize a fabulous commitment ceremony in the blissful landscape of Greece.

Several sources revealed to the Britain's Grazia magazine that: “They then exchanged rings in a spiritual service and drank shots before sitting down to a lovely private dinner at a tiny restaurant. They wanted to show that they are committed to each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. They are still planning to marry, but that will come later when she has the time to plan a big Italian-style wedding.”

In spite of the busy lifestyle of the Fame Monster she is still prepared to pave the way for a heavenly love life with her boyfriend who joins her to the world-wide tours offering the privilege for paparazzi to make the best cover photos with the uber-happy couple.

Besides the complete ceremony it is also worth mentioning their formal outfit options. Lady Gaga was dressed in a stylish still classy long white dress with a modern flair as the whole design was open in the front and tied only above her bellybutton revealing her underwear.

While the groom wore a suit jacket also tinted in white and a not so ordinary pair of leggings decorated with silver zebra patterns.

Indeed the media revealed several details about the recent death of Lady Gaga's grandfather which apparently made her even more concentrated on her emotional life.

The Grazia magazine states that their valid source also claims that "Since her beloved grandfather died last month, Luc has been her rock and she's also had a reminder of just how short life is. She says he's 'The One' and she doesn't want to lose him ever again."

Their plans to tie the knot were not kept in secret therefore a similar commitment ceremony can be considered a real foreplay for the official event. Greece and more specifically Crete served as the best and most inspiring place to honor a similar special moment.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images