Former reality star Kristin Cavallari, who appeared in hit reality TV shows “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach” is ready to wave this lifestyle goodbye and settle down in the Windy City with her boyfriend, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who not long ago proposed to her with an amazing ring.

Kristin Cavallari has been dating Jay Cutler for only eight months before deciding to take their relationship to the next level, and announce their engagement, but even so they seem to be deeply in love as Kristin is ready to give it all up to stand by her future hubby. The couple will relocate in Chicago, where Jay currently works, so they will not live a long distance relationship. This is probably where the two will tie the knot also, but is this Cali girl going to adjust to the change?

Well, apparently she’s willing to give it a shot as she already made her decision. She told Life&Style magazine all about her relocation plans. She said she is definitely going to miss L.A but this decision is also an exciting part of her life. Kristin says:

“We aren’t going to do long-distance.” As far as moving from sunny California, Kristin knows she’s going to miss certain things and says: “The weather is great, and I have all my little spots, like my facialist and the places I like to eat. And, obviously, my friends. But this is just a new, exciting phase of my life.”

Long distance marriages and relationships don’t have a high success rate so Kristin’s decision to move could actually mean that she’s willing to make sacrifices to make her relationship work. She just radiates when she talks about her beau as it seems he’s got a soft side. This macho QB apparently knows how to treat a lady as Kristin told US weekly:

“Jay is a good Midwestern boy; he’s a gentleman. He opens up car doors and he did the laundry today, which I thought is pretty cool, so he’s a goody boy. We’re in love!” Well, that seems like a girl’s dream husband/boyfriend, and we hope their love lasts a lifetime.

Kristin Cavallari with fiance Jay Cutler

Photos courtesy of PR Photos, Getty Images