Preparing her fans for the release of her upcoming movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, hottie Kristen Stewart graces the cover of Elle UK, June 2012 issue, where she talks about her love for acting, what makes her happy, her fashion style as well as how she sees herself, so check out excerpts of Ms. Stewart’s interview with Elle UK and find out everything about the 22 year old ‘Twilight’ star.

Taking a totally different approach for the cover of Elle when it comes to fashion, actress Kristen Stewart ditched her Converse sneakers and her comfy jeans in favor of some lady-like garments which gave Kristen an all glam allure. The diva posed like a true pro for the camera lens of David Slijper for Elle UK, so browse through the selection of photographs and take a glimpse at a totally different side of Kristen.

The 22 year old actress, who managed to come to fame after snatching the role of Bella in the Twilight Saga movies, has become an inspiration for girls all over the world, but it seems that she doesn’t see herself as a role model. Kristen tells Elle UK that:

“I don’t apply (being a role model) to the choices I make. I feel like a role model is not necessarily somebody you want to imitate, just someone you admire.”

Her passion for acting is visible from first glimpse and now Kirsten confirms that she loves what she does. She explains that “it’s a physical thing. I f%#ing love everything about [acting]. I love movies, I love what they do. I am just so fueled by it like nothing else”. However, the young actress hopes to one day switch from her role in front of the camera to behind the camera as she tells Elle she wants to become a movie director. She says:

“I want to direct movies. Sometimes I think, ‘God, I want to do that, I want to do that next.’ But then I work with someone who’s great at what they do and I think, ‘I’m not there yet.’”

Kristen discovered the style that suits her personality perfectly and casual, laid-back garments dominate her wardrobe. She describes her fashion style as functional by saying:

“I just wear very functional clothes. When I’m in London I feel so dressed down and young and Californian. Even if I try to look nice when I go out for dinner, I just don’t have that thing. I will always wear no socks and be like, ‘[email protected]#$, it’s freezing; what am I doing?’”

She’s not your Hollywood party chic, but Kristen definitely knows what makes her happy. Apparently, all it takes to make her happy is a car that she can drive around through L.A and one of her BFFs as she tells Elle UK that:

“In my car with the right friend – I like to drive and I love being in LA, it always feels like, ‘Ahhhhh.’ So I would say if the right song came on, windows down, that’s a great feeling. To just be excited to be moving, to be like, ‘Here we are.’”

Find out more about Kristen Stewart by checking out her full interview and spread in the June 2012 issue of Elle UK. Photos courtesy of Elle UK