The world of credit cards as well as a unique clothing line are not enough creative projects for Kim Kardashian to flash her versatile personality. This time the realty star with the contribution of her sisters will launch a lifestyle brand. The line indeed includes more domains and things than we might even presuppose. She offered WWD a hint about their fabulous plans: “My sisters and I are working on a line, a lifestyle brand that will launch next year,”, as she clarified to the puzzled media: “It will consist of swimwear, lingerie, ready-to-wear, denim, even a home line,”.

Apparently the three Grazia decided to collaborate in a pretty gigantic project that would line up a multitude of style operas they envisioned either as a team or individually. The Kardashians undoubtedly mesmerized the world with their power to strengthen their beauty puss reputation in all beauty and fashion fields. Fragrances, cosmetics as well as clothing lines will bear their name that gradually turned into a world-wide-known brand.

However first Kim decided to attend all the ultra-glamorous fashion shows and make her duty to buy up all the fabulous creations that would further guarantee her remarkable and honorable place on the best dressed list.

Occupying a respected front row place on these fab events, Kim also managed to draw more inspiration to update the supplies for their store. She told WWD that: “When we go to fashion shows, it’s kind of work because we’re looking to buy for our store,”.

Until the actual start of the lifestyle brand project Kim claims that she is working hard to provide the fashion pack and also the beloved fans with the most dapper style creations from the runway.:“We go [to fashion shows] obviously for the fun of it and for that whole experience, but we’re there as buyers more so than anything else.

So we just try and find — you know, each of our stores have different customers, so we kind of look — we’ll know if we see certain pieces: ‘That would be good for the Miami store, now the New York store, or [the] Calabasas [Calif. Store].’?” . (WWD) Fans are eager to spot the brand new collection however until then they still have the chance to raid the cool clothing stores of the super-famous Kardashian girls.