Kim Kardashian is definitely one of the "IT" girls of the moment as she can be seen everywhere you look from magazines to TV and it seems that she is now going to be present in record stores as YES! Kim is rumored to be working with music producer The Dream!

Well we've all wondered where Kim Kardashian is headed next, what are her plans for the future, but I would have never guessed that music would be the it! It seems that Kim Kardashian is flirting with music and wants to try to become a singer.

Kim Kardashian's popularity has been constantly rising and it seems she went from being Paris Hilton's BFF to being a celebutante, to launching her own fragrance, to starting a reality television show with her family, to launching a prepaid credit card and it seems that the sky is the limit as she is now flirting with music. Could we be witnessing the rise of another music star or is she just going to follow the same steps as Paris Hilton and her musical steps?

Kim Kardashian to Become A Singer

Rumors say that Kim has been in the studio with well known music producer The Dream. The Dream produced the well know hit songs “Umbrella” by Rihanna and “Single Ladies” by Beyonce so he is a talented producer who has been working with some important manes in the industry. Could this mean that Kim actually has a great voice?

Well, it is rumored that someone who heard Kim singing in the studio said “she has a really good voice”. Now what is to be expected I don't know but what producer would waits their time by working with someone who lacks talent! So it seems that Kim is multilaterally skilled as she seems to handle well anything coming her way.
We are quite curious what her album or song will sound like and hope it won't be anything like her singing at the 2010 Emmy Awards!!

Kim Kardashian Singing!

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