Kim Kardashian’s baby name is finally revealed. Though rumors about the name of Kim Kardashian’s baby surfaced as soon as she came into the world, it seems that the star had a change of heart at the last minute as it’s been reported that Kaidence Donda West isn’t the name she chose for her daughter after all. Kim Kardashian’s baby name is actually North West, sources close to the couple confirmed. Though the name “North” was actually mentioned on a couple of occasions, most fans were convinced it was actually a joke.

Why? Because back in March, when Kim was invited at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno she joked about it: “I do like Easton, Easton West,” she stated then. A signed birth certificate from the Cedars-Sinai hospital, however proved that the name is not actually a joke, TMZ being the first to deliver the news. The star’s daughter will be called North West or Nori for short and has no middle name. Though the fact that ‘it will start with a K’ seemed like an absolute certainty it seems that the K theme was left aside, despite the fact that the star was very fond of the name “Kaidence”.

Kim Kardashian Baby

Still, even when she had doubts about the name, the star didn’t want help from her friends, close friend Larsa Pippen recently revealed: ‘We kind of went back and forth and the name that I wanted, [Kim] didn’t love.’ Though fans were eagerly awaiting for an answer on the mater, it seems like North West’s step uncle Brody Jenner didn’t want to know just yet: “It’s so new, so I’m going to give her some time and then as soon as she’s ready, I’ll come see her”, he told Ryan Seacrest, jokingly stating: “I don’t want to know!‘ There is too much responsibility, don’t tell me!”

Though the two stars have yet to confirm the name, the news definitely stirred intense reactions from fans, who flabbergasted by the direction the name took. Some still hope the ‘leak’ was far from accidental and was designed to mislead fans until the couple is ready to present their daughter.

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