Making the cover of Vogue magazine with husband Kanye West and naming her baby North, as suggested by Anna Wintour, were big moments in Kim Kardashian’s career as a brand, but the reality TV star never shied away from even bigger controversies.

Discover a few of Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous moments, from her Paper magazine shoot to her butt X-ray and the scandal of promotional tweets. Check out the song that began and ended her music career and find out more about the Kardashian endorsed prepaid MasterCard with hidden fees.

Going Full Frontal for Paper Magazine

Just days after showing her butt on the cover of Paper magazine, Kim Kardashian delivered on her #BreakingTheInternet promise.

Kim Kardashian Paper MagKim Kardashian Naked In Paper Mag

The reality TV star went full frontal for the photo shoot, causing her fans and detractors to engage in an all out online war. Kim posed for Playboy magazine before, but the new shoot caused uproar from many who believe that since she’s a mother, she shouldn’t do nudity.

Announcing Her Divorce After 72 Days

Kim Kardashian Marriage

After a fairytale wedding that is rumored to have earned her over $20 million, Kim and Kris Humphries announced their split after just 72 days, in one of Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous moments. 

Kim Kardashian Meltdown

In less than 3 months after her 4 hour wedding TV special, the marriage was over, even though the divorce was only finalized two years later, when she was already pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. 

Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian Tape

Before “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” made it to air, Kim’s claim to fame was the sex tape shot by Ray J in 2003. “Accidentally” leaking 4 years after it was made, the sex tape put Kim on the map and jump-started her career.

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The Butt X-Ray

Kim Kardashian Butt X Ray

Trying to put an end to the speculation about butt implants by publishing an x-ray of her behind was one of Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous moments. “This is a really crazy request but my sisters have dared me to get an ass x-ray because of all the rumours it’s not real”, Kim explained before putting the picture online.

“Jam (Turn It Up)”

Kim Kardashian’s first and only single was released in 2011, and the music video that accompanied it was very sexually explicit. Kim promised that half of the proceeds from the sales of the song will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, but that didn’t help make it a hit, and the reality TV star put a stop to her burgeoning music career.

Kim’s Blood Facial

Kim Kardashian Blood Facial

Definitely one of Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous moments, the selfie with her face covered in blood made headlines and put blood facials on the map. The cosmetic procedure involves drawing your own blood, then injecting it back into your face to benefit your complexion. Nicknamed the “vampire facelift”, the procedure will set you back $1,500.

Old Navy Suit

Kim Kardashian Old Navy Commercial

Upset that Old Navy used what she claimed to be a lookalike in their ads, Kim sued the company in 2011 and settled the lawsuit one year later. The brunette from the Old Navy ads, Canadian singer-model Melissa Molinaro, doesn’t really look that much like Kim, but the reality TV star managed to reach an undisclosed settlement with the retailer.

Kim Goes Topless in “Bound 2”

Kim Kardashian Bound 2

The launch of Kanye West’s music video for “Bound 2” is also one of Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous moments. Topless and straddling Kanye on a motorcycle, Kim served as the singer’s muse for the video.

Kim’s Promotional Tweets

Kim Kardashian Chicken Salad

Some of Kim’s fans were upset when they learned that the brunette gets paid a lot of money for promoting products on Twitter. Kim’s promotional tweets used to go for $10,000 in 2009, but since she’s a lot more famous 5 years later, she can probably demand even higher prices for her endorsement in a single tweet.

The Kardashian Kard

The Kardashian Kard

The prepaid MasterCard endorsed by Kim and her sisters Kourtney and Khloé was also responsible for one of Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous moments. With plenty of hidden fees and an activation fee up to $100, the Kardashian Kard was called the “worst credit card ever” by Business Insider, and the whole scandal ended with a $75 million lawsuit against the sisters, that was eventually thrown out.