Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally set a wedding date! Though they got engaged last October, up until now the two have been surprisingly secretive about the upcoming wedding, stating only that, unlike Kim’s previous wedding, this will be a much more intimate ceremony. Apparently, the big day for Kim and Kanye is May 24, though no official statements were yet made on the matter. The high profile couple will exchange vows in Paris, as it had been speculated for a while, especially after the two spent a lot of time in the City of Love over the past few months.

The over-the-top proposal from Kanye and the impressive engagement ring Kim proudly flaunted, and the fact the two are more than comfortable with being the center of attention, made it difficult to believe that the wedding will be anything but extravagant, but it seems like the ceremony will indeed be more discreet than many fans anticipated. According to a source only around 150 people will be attending the ceremony. Another important dilemma, which still remains unsolved, is what wedding dress will Kim choose for the special day.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye WestKim Kardashian And Kanye

Though it seems like the bride to be has shopped around, she still hasn’t made any definitive decision on the matter. Instead, she seems decided to keep it a mystery and keep the wedding preparations for herself, at least for now. One thing that is indisputable however, is Kim’s excitement about making things official.

Kim Kardashian 2014

She recently told that she’s really excited about the new year and that she feels this year will be one of the best years of her life while a family insider added that she “can’t wait to marry Kanye”. Other reports suggest that baby North, who turns 1 on June 15, will have an important role in the nuptials, though no specifics were disclosed.

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