Channeling her inner seductress, actress Kerry Washington strikes a pose for the latest issue of Details Magazine, showing off her incredible slender figure. Wearing only a silky navy blazer which gives a sneak-peek at the actress’s upper body, high heels by Theyskens’ Theory and some barely visible Blush underwear, the 34 year old actress looks flawless.

Posing seductively wearing various ensembles and donning sultry red lips, Kerry Washington shows that she can put on a tough act as she stares confidently into the Cameron Krone’s camera lens.

Promoting her newest movie role in the upcoming TV show ‘Scandal’, produced by Grey’s Anantomy creator, Shonda Rhimes, the actress confesses that she is fascinated with the way people evolve to be who they are. In the upcoming movie Kerry plays the role of Olivia Pope, a crisis manager who tries to guide people into fixing their problems.

In an exclusive interview with Details Magazine, February 2012, Kerry Washington shares her experience with fame and how she likes to guess from which movie people who approach her recognize her from. She tells Details that:

“I guess what they’re going to say they recognize me from. If it’s a teenage guy? ‘You’re the blind girl from Fantastic Four!’ A European? ‘It’s always The Last King of Scotland.’ A lesbian? ‘She Hate Me!’—for its Sapphic sex scene, of course. The one performance that everyone recognizes her for is the long-suffering wife in Ray. ‘That’s the wild card in Uno.’”

As far as her ascending path to fame, the actress reveals that it wasn’t something she necessarily planned. She says that she grew up in the middle-class of Bronx, ‘watching neighbor J.Lo ascend to stardom’, and attended an elite private school on Upper East Side Manhattan, New York. She says that: “I wasn’t invested in the fame part.”

However, her natural beauty, charm and talent helped Kerry land a variety of movie roles that led her to establish a name in the entertainment industry. Find out more details about Kerry and check out her amazing spread in the February 2012 issue of Details Magazine.

Photos courtesy of Details