Kelly Osbourne is Glamoholic’s Anniversary Issue cover girl. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, the 27-year-old designer, singer and actress talks about being in love, her brother Jack and how he gives her strength, about fashion and she shares her own definition of glamoholic.

Speaking about her brother Jack’s fight with multiple sclerosis, Kelly confesses that, “What actually has made it better is waking up every day and seeing how amazing my brother is and how incredible he’s doing. He has a brain that is very military-like. Where, even if he doesn’t like something, he can make himself like it. And he’s doing, excuse my language, f***ng amazing! It just blows my mind!”

On love, Kelly admits that it can make you a different person. “I think that everyone is a different person when they are in love. Because, when you are in love you’re blind to a lot of things and it makes you happy,” she says.

Even though she has been in a relationship for a year now, Osbourne announced it just now. “Well, because I wanted to give it time, I wanted to get to know my boyfriend before the world does. You can’t keep something a secret forever. It’s hard enough to get to know somebody in the beginning of a relationship without the world stepping in and wanting to know everything as well. Suddenly you don’t become who you are, you become that person’s boyfriend – I never wanted that to happen,” Kelly explains.

But do they plan to take their relationship to the next level? “No, we are happy just the way we are! I’m not one of those people who are desperate to get married. As long as I’m happy and I’m happy with whom I’m with then, at the end of the day, that’s all I care about,” the young fashionista says.

Kelly Osbourne for Glamoholic

Kelly Osbourne for Glamoholic

Renowned for her unique style, Kelly confesses she would love to create a fashion line of her own. “It’s been my dream my whole entire life, way before ‘Fashion Police’! It’s something that I’ve started working on. See, I don’t want to attach my name to something and have somebody else design it. So, it’s very long argued and I have chosen to put myself in every aspect of it because I’m not going to release something with my name on it that I haven’t done myself,” she told Glamoholic.

And how it would look like? “It’s hard to say. You have to think of a story, a concept and figure out what you want your line to represent. It just takes so long! A fashion line isn’t just something that you can say ‘Oh, I want a jacket that looks like this.’ That’s not a designer. That’s just indication. I want to be a designer.”

On her favorite celebrity style, Kelly says that, “I’m really excited for Emma Stone because I think she has a very interesting sense of style. She’s a total fashionista and always feels comfortable in whatever she wears.”

As on her future plans, Osbourne reveals that, “I really, really don’t know. It’s really hard to say. It’s something where I thought things would have been a little bit different right now. I’m at that age where I can do more, take on more responsibility, and achieve the goals that I want to. But, it’s all about choosing which direction I want to go. As far as the future goes, I think I just need to branch out a bit.”

So, what does ‘glamoholic’ mean to Kelly? “To me, it’s somebody who wakes up every day and thinks about what they’re going to wear. ‘How much fun am I going to have getting ready?’ I have this Chanel handbag in neon green, I kept it in a box for a month and looked at it before I took it out and started using it as a handbag. Glamour doesn’t mean diamonds, girly makeup and designer clothing. It’s living your life in a different way – a way of fun,” the star explains.

Read Kelly Osbourne’s full interview in Glamoholic’s Anniversary Issue.

Kelly Osbourne for Glamoholic

Kelly Osbourne for Glamoholic

Kelly Osbourne for Glamoholic

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