Twilight heartthrob Kellan Lutz is getting ready to share some of his secrets as far as what attracts him to women. Kellan, who is also an underwear model for Calvin Klein, definitely knows what he’s looking at first in women as he reveals his favorite body part of a woman.

Apparently, the thing that captures Kellan’s attention isn’t what you’d normally think, as this heartthrob is all about facial features. According to People, Kellan says a girl’s face grabs his attention first.

Everyone loves a pretty face, so girls put on a big smile as Kellan loves to see girls smile. A big smile can definitely trigger smiles back, so no wonder this hottie loves to get smiles from girls. He says: “The face has so much, and I love the eyes and a big smile.”

Kellan has been in a relationship on and off with AnnaLynne McCord for a few years now, but currently they are no longer a couple, so Kellan is on the market again. Everyone has a soft side and apparently a natural beauty is what can capture Kellan’s heart, so it seems that he loves girls who radiate beauty even after a long night. He says: “…especially if you can wake up next to them in bed and they still look the same after a long night of watching movies with strawberries and champagne and cuddling, that’s sexy!”

However, this isn’t the only thing that Kellan Lutz loves on a woman, apparently the collar bone turns him on as well. Could this be one of the reasons he was so suited for the vampire role in the Twilight Saga?! Kellan says that although this might seem weird, the clavicle area attracts his attention. He says: “I also really like the clavicle area, which is really weird but so sexy.”

As far as what he likes about himself, Kellan says it’s his dimples. Not many people have dimples and they are considered by most people very attractive. Kellan says he likes his dimples as they make him a bit different. “I like my dimples the most. Not a lot of people have dimples so I like that I’m a little different. When I was a kid, I used to have three on one side and two on the other, but now I have one on each side.”

We bet a lot of girls would be able to pick other body parts of Kellan as their favorite, other than the dimples, so what do you like most about Kellan?

Kellan Lutz

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