Preparing for the première of her new movie ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’, the American singer is making sure she gets plenty of attention as she graces the cover of L’Uomo Vogue Italy, July/August 2012 where she shows off her ability to morph into whatever character she desires. The 27 year old singer channels her inner matador-chick and retro diva as she strikes a fierce pose for the camera lens of Francesco Carrozzini for L’Uomo Vogue.

She’s built an image of a nonconformist Hollywood sweetheart with her playful, sometimes deliciously fruity covered garments and now Katy is showing the world a different side of her, a more grown-up side as she suits-up in vintage military gear, a matador suit and a vintage coat for her L’Uomo Vogue spread, where she also chatted about having Madonna as an icon, her take on same sex marriage, her blooming career, and fashion style

Having worked her way to fame, Katy Perry had time to study her fav celebs and according to the singer, the celeb that she hopes to follow in terms of career evolution, is none other than Madonna. She tells L’Uomo that:

“I think Madonna, especially early in his career, when she was laying the foundations of her character, has been able to evolve constantly, managing to give the audience at every appearance a new visual interpretation and concept of herself. She was able to keep up the interest of the people, because you never knew with what she would come out with the next time. And, regularly, has offered a solid and consistent musical product. I hope to do the same, to make sure that people continue to be interested in me and in ten years, to find out, looking back, I have produced songs that will never be forgotten.”

The ‘California Gurls’ singer has managed to create an iconic image, one that is fun, playful and colorful and it seems that Katy switches her style according to her mood. The diva, who after her split from actor Russell Brand died her hair blue, leaving people to interpret her state of spirit, says of her style that:

“My sense of style is like one of those rings that change color with mood, always evolving. When I get up, I choose my outfit depending on my state of mind. If it is a ‘mixture of many things’ it is because I feel many different emotions at the same time, to the point where you feel you almost have a split personality. Basically, in the past my preferences were always directed towards stylists that were daring: the flashier, shinier and imposing the dress the better, this is the reason why I still love the work of Jean Charles de Castelbajac and Jeremy Scott…”

The singer that told the magazine that she loves the idea of “attracting people’s attention and then open new horizons to their perceptions, installing thoughts that they otherwise never had before”, has never been shy about exposing her opinion and as far as same sex marriage goes, the 27 year old pop star said that:

“I believe in equality. I believe in love without any limits. I come from a family environment where the topic lived with many prejudices, but I have shrugged them off. I hope that one day we will look at this period somewhat as today we look at the period of the civil rights struggles of blacks in America in the ’60s, proving that it was a mixture of shame for how we were and happiness for the progress made.”

Find out more about Katy Perry in the July/August 2012 issue of L’Uomo Vogue Italy. Photos courtesy of Vogue Italy