Katy Perry is the new face for professional hair styling brand ghd's Scarlet collection and the brand couldn't have made a better choice as for the campaign Katy, who sports a glamorous 1920s makeover, just dazzled. Katy often turns towards vintage styles for inspiration as this look suits her incredibly well, so take a peek at Katy's photoshoot for the campaign.

Katy Perry is known for her amazing beauty and style, so no wonder that she was the perfect match to promote the new ghd Scarlet collection. As the new face for ghd, Katy Perry received a total makeover inspired by the roaring 1920s, look captured on film by renowned photographer David LaChapelle.

Inspired by Snow White and Evil Queen, Katy Perry dazzles and looks breathtaking in the photoshoot. Hairstyles play a very important role when it comes to beauty and style and ghd has come up with the perfect solution to help your hair receive that dramatic twist that really makes an impact from first glimpse.

Katy Perry 1920s Makeover for ghd Campaign

In one of the promotional photos Katy Perry adopts a glam and ultra seductive villain look by wearing a floor length slit dress, vintage glam makeup and a gorgeous faux-bob styled with sculpted waves. In the second photo, the 26 year old diva switches roles and adopts a glam, 1920s Snow White inspired look posing on the fire escape stairs of a hotel. She dons a peach fringe dress, glitter fishnet stockings, high peep toe pumps and a fabulous red lip makeup complemented by the voluminous wavy hairstyle.

According to DailyMail, Katy Perry declared that she loved the looks created for the ghd Scarlet campaign. The pop star stated about the Evil Queen look that:
“I think it’s a bold look for me, especially for the short hair, but I’ve actually had a pixie cut before. I used to have a black pixie cut when I was about 17-18-19, so I felt I was reliving that part of my life again. It’s really cute. I’d probably wear this look again, but I probably wouldn’t do it for long."

Katy Perry 1920s Makeover for ghd Campaign

Katy loved her second longer hair look as well, and said the Snow White inspired wavy midi was also cool. She said:
“The Show White fire escape look was really cool. It was very peachy. There were lots of little birds hanging around so I felt like a princess, like Snow White, and I was singing and talking to the birds as they fluttered around me. I would maybe wear something like this again. I liked the glittering fishnets I got to wear with it. I liked the hair – it’s super frizzy.”

Suitable for all hair types, the ghd Scarlet hair styling kits will definitely be tools you won't want to part from. Two luxurious art deco styled gift sets are available to choose from. Carry your limited edition ghd Scarlet collection in style as the gift sets feature a glam red clutch-style tool bag which will conquer you from first glimpse. Check out the new collection and make the best out of your locks as the beauty of sexy hair is difficult to top.

Photos courtesy of ghdhair