With the countdown until the most awaited event of the year, the Royal Wedding closing-in, more and more details are being revealed. It seems that the Princess-to-be, Kate Middleton is going to spend the night before the wedding at a hotel in London. Now this is not your usual hotel, it is the luxury The Goring Hotel, which is just a patch of land away from the Buckingham Palace.

The hotel was opened in 1910 and manages to maintain a high reputation in delivering the high-class services for its clients. The hotel maintains a classic elegance, an old-fashion allure that just makes you feel like royalty, so no wonder that it has been decided that Kate Middleton spends her last night as a single lady in one of the hotel’s best suits.

The pressure Kate Middleton and Prince William need to face for their big day is immense, as millions of people around the world will be watching their every step. It’s been presumed that this Royal wedding is going to attract even more viewers than the Royal wedding of beloved Princess Diana to Prince Charles, so the stress is definitely going to make its presence felt. For this, it’s been decided by Kate’s family that Kate should relax before her big day, and where better than in a luxury, high-profile hotel. Kate will be accompanied at The Goring Hotel by her family, so she will have all the support she needs to come with all the emotions.

It’s also been confirmed that the bridesmaids and pages will also leave for Westminster Abbey from the Goring Hotel along with the maid of honor, Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton.

Meanwhile, it seems that Prince William will spend the night before the wedding at Clarence House, from which he will leave towards Westminster Abbey accompanied by his best man and brother, Prince Harry.

We can’t help but wonder why the two decided to spend the evening somewhere else other than the palace, but with all the media-frenzy that will take place, it’s probably for the best. To ensure the Princess-to-be, it has been reported by The Sun, that The Goring Hotel has undergone some serious remodeling of its top floor, to ensure that Kate and her family will be satisfied with their stay.

The Goring Hotel

Photos courtesy PR Photos and thegoring.com