Unfortunately for the media Kate Middleton together with her fiancee Prince William decided to keep the designer of the fabulous wedding gown a secret until April 29. Indeed this decision keeps magazines and tabloids on their toes and it also launched a series of suppositions related to the identity of the style creator who’ll have the honor to dress up the future princess with a fairy-tale style apparel.

According to the latest news related to the details of the upcoming royal wedding, Kate already made her decision to pick the wedding dress designer. Various media sources decided to launch a tiny research and reveal the secret identity of the style guru. Bruce Oldfield is one of the most prominent candidates to take the title of a royal couturier. As one of the favorite designer of Lady Diana, he has great chances to design the gown of Kate for the big event.

UK’s News of the World published several photos that portrayed the family of Kate who visited the super-popular store of Bruce Oldfield in the Knightsbridge area of London.

In spite of the fact that the acclaimed designer didn’t reveal anything for the press, the People magazine still offered the statement of the palace spokesman which reveals that:

“It’s Miss Middleton’s intention to keep the dress a secret for her bridegroom on their wedding day, as is every bride’s prerogative.”

Back in December Bruce Oldfield still made a pretty objective statement about the style of Kate Middleton. He claimed that: “Kate has such a gorgeous figure that she would look stunning in anything.”‘

Another royalty who also appealed to the fabulous talent of Bruce Oldfield was Queen Rania of Jordan as well as the late Princess Diana. Therefore speculations already started when it comes of the perfect designer who would be able to immortalize the look of Kate Middleton at the royal wedding.

Other sources claim that the decision to choose this not so internationally-well-known style creator and also to wear an Issa engagement dress and a Libelula wedding-guest jacket is in fact a plan of Kate to bring success to these up-and-coming style gurus.In spite of the intention of the royal couple to keep this delicate detail of their wedding in secret, the media still has something to say about it.

 Kate Middleton Picks Wedding Dress Designer

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