Those who managed to keep the pace with the ever changing life of the Kardashians will have the chance to benefit of yet another service they offer. Besides the fabulous perfumes and other beauty must have this time the famous sisters decided to team up with the Mobile Resource Card which will launch a complete edition of credit cards portraying the girls in their utmost beauty. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe already popped up the news of a similar project on their blog.

Khloe also claims: “Never thought I’d have my own face on a debit card, but I think it’s pretty amazing we’re going to be in so many people’s wallets!”. This is indeed an additional means to get closer to their fans and offer them an extra-service which is both practical and popular these days. In fact the launch of the credit card is planned for November 10.

Besides the cool card with their smiling face on it this facility also provides the customers with a Free Mobile account that is again, an extremely useful feature that would offer us the chance to transfer pennies only using our cell phone.

What could be indeed more easier than having a similar tool to handle our budget when shopping.

Kim states that this brand new card will be life “having an ATM in your phone.”, “No one likes going to banks and ATMs, and we’re constantly on our phones — why not make it easy to manage your money from your mobile?”.

The sisters are excited about the popularity and launch of the card that would serve as the perfect prerogative also to have a smashing party on November 9 in New York City at the famous nightclub Pacha. The fans and the media will definitely watch out for the big ticket launch of the credit card and we’re looking forward to make our next binge with the fab Kardashian Card.

Kardashians Launch Debit Card

Photos courtesy of Getty Images