It seems that Justin Bieber has a difficult time with his mom and he’s not all that different than the rest of the teenagers worldwide as his mom canceled his mobile phone service. The 16 year old “Baby” singer who surpassed Lady Gaga on Youtube, can’t surpass his mom as when a mom is angry any teen should fear. Seriously, Justin Bieber has found that sometimes celebrities too can be punished by their mothers and this is not easy to change while you’re still a teen.

Justin Bieber said: “My Mom travels with me. We argue yes, I think every parent and son argue, but I love my mom. I think it’s good she travels me, but sometimes I need a break because I’m with her 24/7 but I love her, I like being with her.”

“The other day she canceled my phone plan. We got into an argument about something stupid, and she was like, ’Give me the phone’ and I was like, ’No’, so she just went and canceled it.”

However considering that celebrities need to be contacted concerning different events, this might actually not be a business clash as well so we hope his mom realizes that Justin is in showbiz and so he has to have a modern way through which people can contact him.

It seems that Justin Bieber also claimed that this might affect his career, as he might miss important phone calls.

Celebrities just like everyone else find cell phones a necessity and a way to do business and keep contact with close friends so we hope that Justin’s mom rethinks his punishment and allows him to get his phone back!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images