Justin Bieber is one of world’s top pop artists and one of the most powerful guys in show business. Now, the 17-year-old singer covers the latest issue of Billboard magazine. In the interview, Justin chats about a wide range of topics including charity, giving back and “Under the Mistletoe”, his first holiday album set to be released on November 1.

“I remember growing up not having a lot, especially around Christmastime. We had to get stuff from the food bank, so one of the charities we’re helping out is the food bank in my town. I want every one of my fans to feel like they’re helping out the world in some way. And being the one to influence them to do that, that’s something positive I can do with what God’s given me,” Justin says.

Justin Bieber Talks Charity and New Holiday Album with Billboard Magazine

What is remarkable about the young star is his charitable character. Bieber donated $1 of every ticket sold on the second half of the My World tour to Pencils of Promise, a New York-based nonprofit that builds schools in developing countries.

Moreover, for the manufacture and distribution of his Someday fragrance, Justin teamed up with Give Back Brands, a philanthropic organization that donates all proceeds to charity. The global star is even a top wish-granter for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

“Justin and his team are always looking for ways to give back. The Believe Charity Drive brings out his philanthropic side more,” Universal VP of marketing David Grant says.

An ‘Animagic’ version of Bieber will appear in ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,’ the already classic TV special that airs each year on ABC. “I’m excited for that. Growing up and seeing [that special] every year, it’s really funny that they’re actually making one of me,” Bieber says.

With the holiday season so close, Justin also recalls his first gift. “My favorite gift I ever got was my first bike, which was a red bike. It was right after I learned how to ride a two-wheeler,” he told Billboard magazine. And despite his busy schedule, the singer says he will actually spend Christmas home. “I’ll be with my family,” he says. “I make sure I take time off to be with them around Christmastime,” Justin confessed.

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Justin Bieber Talks Charity and New Holiday Album with Billboard Magazine