It seems that Justin Bieber is showing the world a new side as it’s been reported that he’s been involved in a scuffle with a paparazzi. Apparently, the ‘Boyfriend’ singer was out relaxing with his girlfriend Selena Gomez at The Commons mall in Calabass on Sunday afternoon when the incident happened. According to witness reports made to TMZ, the altercation started after the paparazzi blocked Justin Bieber’s car as he was trying to leave with his girlfriend. The sources say that Justin got out of his vehicle to ask the photog to move his car and when he refused to do so, the altercation erupted.

It’s not uncommon for Justin Bieber to be followed by paparazzi, but it seems that the lack of privacy in his life finally got to the 19 year old Canadian superstar. It seems that during all this time, singer Selena Gomez tried to calm her beau’s nerves and a few photographs have surfaced which feature Justin without a shoe on and Selena picking up Justin’s cap off the ground.

After the brief scuffle, Justin and Selena Gomez fled right before the police and an ambulance arrived to the scene. It seems that the paparazzo started to complain of upper torso pain and was taken to a hospital, from where he was released shortly after. The photog has allegedly filed a police report and named Justin as the culprit, so the police are now investigating the incident.

So far no official statement has been issued from Bieber’s camp, but the 19-years-old singer took it to Twitter to write that he’s now focusing on the important things, his music. His ‘Britney’ moment might however end up in court as according to TMZ, the photog was approached by a lawyer who told him how to handle the situation. Fame is definitely not an easy thing to handle as celebs have proven this a number of times along the way and Justin might have just discovered the not so glam part of being famous. Do you think the paparazzo was being too pushy or did the Biebster overreact and most importantly, do you smell a lawsuit?

Photos courtesy of PR Photos, GSI Media via TMZ