It seems that Justin Bieber just can’t be neglected thanks to the ever circulating rumors about his private life. Still at a fragile age he is considered a real heartbreaker and it seems that his charm just can’t be resisted as his presupposed relationship with 18 year old Selena Gomez proves. However, fans didn’t have time to rest as new photos popped up in the online media when the Canadian blogger Zack Taylor published the photos sent by a fan about Justin Bieber and her friend kissing at Four Seasons Hotel Downtown only a few months ago during his tour in Toronto.

The source claims that: “Justin and my friend Michelle kissed behind the Four Seasons Hotel downtown a few months ago while he was in town for a concert. I didn’t feel right about releasing it before, but now its fine cuz its been a while.”

It seems that the Justin Bieber tours can offer fans more than a professional and show-stopping performance. Who could have thought that the almost inaccessible young star has a similar close relationship with his fans. Indeed, fans will definitely have a reaction to this.

Tabloids will spread the news and photo around the world offering us the chance to complete the profile of this young Casanova who arises some controversial feelings both in the media and among the millions of fans. Now, it’s sure, girls have to deal not only with his affection for Selena Gomez but also with a few other ardent fans who might get a bit closer to their idol.

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