It seems that the Bieber-fever still keeps a high level as this name keeps popping out everywhere you go, from the concert arenas to cosmetics and nowadays to dental hygiene products. It seems that a dental products maker has announced the release of the Justin Bieber dental care products, so you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite singer while cleaning your teeth.

If you want to have the Bieber smile, you have different options to choose from and the most interesting of them is the upcoming Justin Bieber singing toothbrush, which will enchant your hearing by singing to you the well known JB hits “Baby” and “U Smile”.

Can you imagine every time you brush your teeth hearing your favorite Justin Bieber song? Now this is just crazy, but since everything Justin Bieber touches seems to turn to gold, we believe these Justin Bieber dental care products will be highly successful. The brand behind the products think the Justin Bieber toothbrush collection will help kids take much better care of their oral hygiene. Most people don’t brush their teeth for as long as they should, the optimal time being of about 2 minutes, so by having your favorite pop tune, you’ll be able to increase your brushing time by making cleansing your teeth fun.

The collection includes adult, kids and teen toothbrushes, the singing toothbrush, floss, flossers as well as a travel kit which includes a mini-hourglass, a tongue scraper, a toothbrush and floss, all with Justin Bieber’s picture or signature.

The Justin Bieber singing toothbrush is believed to be a great hit and with a sale price of just $9.95, the toothbrushes will probably be the latest craze of Bieber fans. The toothbrushes are available with pre-order now and will be released in July, so if you’re a true fan of Bieber and care about your oral hygiene give the new collection a try!

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