It is absolutely unbelievable how lucky one can be to survive a car crash with no injuries and Juliette Lewis is one celebrity who can say she is quite fortunate as this month she was injured lightly in a car accident!

The well known American actress and musician Juliette Lewis has been injured in a car accident in October 6, 2010 but thankfully her injuries were not to severe. The actress seems to have experienced a scene which seems to be torn out of a movie and set in real life, as her car was slammed by another vehicle, a Honda, in an intersection in Burbank, California.

Juliette Lewis' car was hit from the side and it seems that the car was seriously damaged, thought to be a complete wreck, so you can imagine the impact of the accident. Due to this Juliette rushed to the hospital so she can get a complete check-up. The investigations didn't reveal anything serious but one of Juliette's representatives told TMZ:

“Juliette went to the hospital to be checked out and is a bit banged up and sore but thankfully OK. She is now resting at home.”

Incredibly, the driver of the Honda, who seems to be responsible for the crash, disappeared from the scene.
Police officers seem to have discovered the damaged vehicle a short distance away but the driver was nowhere to be found. Police officers have started an investigation and are looking for the Honda's driver.

When the hit-and-run crash have occurred Juliette was being driven home from the event for her movie "Conviction" (see photo below).

All we can say is that we wish Juliette a quick ad easy recovery!

Juliette Lewis at the Conviction movie event

Photos courtesy of Getty Images