Hollywood sweetheart Julianne Hough managed to conquer the hearts of millions of fans with her talent and her incredible beauty. However, Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend was never shy to talk about the skin problems she had to deal with growing up. Celebrities rely on their image and sometimes that need for perfection can really affect a person’s self esteem and confidence and Julianne Hough says that battling acne was ‘horrible’.

The ‘Footloose’ actress tells The Beauty Bean that dealing with acne did affect her confidence and that although she always tried to tell herself everything will be fine, dealing with skin problems has affected her. She tells Beauty Bean that: “Oh my gosh. It was horrible. You know, again, you try to tell yourself that you’re fine and it’s all good – and you really should be fine – but it definitely affects you, so you want to do what you can to make you feel good. Not to worry so much about what everybody sees, but to do what makes you feel good on the inside.”

Now, being acne free, the actress definitely radiates confidence and shares the secrets to looking and feeling amazing. The diva, who is Proactiv’s spokeswoman, reveals that she does feel a pressure to look a certain way and her secret to dealing with this tabu subject:

“Oh it sucks ass – I’m telling you that! Oh, sorry! But it does. It’s hard. You know, as a person you’re always saying “oh, it doesn’t bother me. I’m going to be who I am and that’s all that matters.” But, at the same time, you obviously want to be the best looking that you can be – in the best shape – but you have to keep reminding yourself that it’s about health and fitness and feeling good about yourself, rather than how skinny you are because that can sometimes not be healthy – at all!”

Julianne Hough was never shy to talk about her beauty secrets and what helps her stay in shape and states that she likes to be active. However, from all the sports out there she enjoy most dancing. Love for dancing runs in the family, as Julianne’s brother is Dancing With The Star’s pro dancer, Derek Hough.

When asked about what makes her feel beautiful, Julianne reveals that two things make her feel most beautiful: “I feel the most beautiful when I, well – obviously there are two different answers to that. The first one would be that I love to get glammed up and you know feel that my hair looks great, and my skin looks good and when my legs are shaved and I’m wearing high heels – and all that stuff. But also when I’m around my family and stuff, and they’re just fun to be around and there’s just a certain glow you have when you’re with your loved ones.”

The 23 year old beauty looks stunning with every appearance and her beauty has inspired women around the world. According to Julianne, less makeup is always the better option, so draw inspiration from her and keep your look pretty and polished!

Photos courtesy of PR Photos