Jordin Sparks has dazzled as she appeared on the stage of American Idol on Thursday night, showing off a great new figure. Every woman loves to be admired and Jordin definitely captured all the attention as she performed her new single “I Am Woman”. Jordin Sparks really sparkled on stage and shared her new hot body secret in an interview with “Access Hollywood”.

Although a lot more leaner and with much more experience backing her up, Jordin Sparks still says she was nervous before getting on stage to perform on American Idol. Apparently, the entire experience did leave a print on her and she hasn’t forgotten all the emotions she experienced participating at the world-wide popular contest.

Jordin said a lot of memories started to rush back as she was about to step on the stage, where just a few years back she was a contestant. According to her statement, the pressure of having millions of eyes watching you is immense and can be quite nerve wrecking.

“Honestly, I was shaking; ‘Idol’ always does that to me whenever I come back because it just brings back a whole flood of memories — all good, some slightly traumatic,” “I always feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m stepping on the stage…I’m being judged again.”

As far as her performance went, apparently, Jordin zoomed out as she enchanted the eyes and ears of an entire nation. She is an incredible singer and now she’s got an even hotter body, which she wasn’t shy on revealing. Jordin wore a gorgeous black sequin mini dress featuring fringe details for added movement and a pair of wedge sandals which helped amp-up her sexiness. Jordin said about the moment she performed:

“I remember I was standing there, and then I was off the stage,” “I don’t remember anything that happened in between!”

But the people who were watching definitely remember as Jordin Sparks’s hot new body was definitely hard to ignore. The 21 year old singer has revealed the secret behind her new look, for which she has received a lot of compliments. Jordin says the secret behind her hot new body is exercising and portion control. “I made exercise a priority instead of just talking about it,” “I’m in a different state of mind. I’m in a different place. I’m very happy, so that helps as well, and just watching portion sizes.”

However, the transformation she has gone through didn’t happen overnight, as Jordin states she’s been working hard the past couple of months to get where she is now, but reveals she did feel good about herself even when she packed a few extra pounds. She reveals:

“I feel good. I think I look good in any shape or size, but I think I look good in this one as well,” “You’ve just got to work with what you’ve got.” “It’s really cool to see in the mirror – I’m like, ‘Oh! I can actually see that muscle now!”

We love that Jordin chose healthy dieting and she should definitely be a source of inspiration for others to get in shape the healthy way and not through yo-yo dieting. What do you think about Jordin’s body transformation?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images