British pop singer Jessie J ditched her stage makeup and bold outfits in favor of a more natural look and feminine-chic style for Glamour magazine’s May 2012 issue. The diva appears in a beauty spread for the publication where she opened up about her sexuality, her music, lifestyle and more, so take a peek at highlights of her interview with Glamour and find out more about the 24 English rising star.

Donning an array of fashionable designer outfits for the shoot including a gorgeous knitted turquoise dress signed Jill Sander, Jessie J showed that she can strike a pose like a true pro, demonstrating that she’s got plenty of confidence to go along with her talent. As far as what helped in building up her confidence level, the singer tells Glamour that:

“You know what it is? I have such an amazing mom and dad who have been married for 32 years, and my sisters always made me feel like I was amazing. No one ever tried to suppress who I wanted to be. I never got embarrassed. Even last night, at the after-party, me and my dad were up dancing when no one else was. I think the best way to have confidence is not to allow everyone else’s insecurities to be your own.”

She looks picture perfect every time and apparently that takes plenty of work, including plenty of wigs as the singer is known for her stylish blunt bangs hair pieces. The reason behind her frequent wig use has something more to do with hair protection than something else as she says “when you have half an hour to be ready at four o’clock in the morning, you don’t have time to get up and glue in extensions or blow-dry your hair. A hairdresser who did my hair said, ‘You, my darling, have something that we call ‘successful’ hair,’ which is basically battered hair that’s split and falling out in the back because you’ve had to blow-dry it every day. I don’t want my hair falling out, so I wear wigs!’”

Private life is most of the times an ‘untouchable’ subject for celebs, but it seems Jessie J was never shy to open up about her personal life, more specifically her sexuality. She tells the magazine that she doesn’t think that ‘you should never, ever apologize for anything that makes you happy’, so she was not shy to say that for her love is not gender-bound. As far as being labelled as bisexual, the singer tells the magazine that:

“The frustrating thing is that if I was with a guy right now, I’d be [considered] straight. But If I was with a girl, I’d be ‘gay’. When I was with my ex-girlfriend, I used to take her around and say, ‘This is my girlfriend’. People would be comfortable with it because I was. That’s what annoys me about the media. I’ve never tried to make [my sexuality] something that’s going to put me in newspapers or magazines. I’m never, ever going to let it be something that sells my music. Sexuality shouldn’t define you. It should be part of who you are. At the moment I’m single, and I’m happy and learning about myself. Music is the love of my life right now.”

Read the full interview with Jessie J and admire her beauty and style in the May 2012 issue of Glamour magazine. Photos courtesy of Glamour